Digital advertising trends to watch in 2018

Unless you’re still in the stone age (which is not possible anyway), I’m sure you’ve come across some form of digital advertising. Yeah. Sometimes it pops up as a video on your facebook page… Sometimes as an ad while watching your favorite YouTube channel or even using an app on… Continue reading

The truth no one will tell you about perfection and being a newbie

The biggest dream of every newbie is to deliver outstanding stuff, disrupt the status quo and become the reference point in every industry. Unfortunately, there’s a price for every dream. …And as it happens here,  the price for being exceptional is measuring up to the established standards and then using… Continue reading

How to start a blog in 2018 – The Complete Guide

So you want to start a blog in 2018? Great! I bet this is one of the best things you’ll do for yourself in 2018. Because starting a blog is not just fun, it will get your voice heard across the world. And the best part of it is that… Continue reading

How to protect your website from hackers

One of the biggest nightmare of every website owner is to wake up to the news that their website’s been hacked. It’s terrifying. Mind boggling. And overwhelming, to say the least. So Has your website ever been hacked? In 2017, was hacked. I don’t know why it happened. Or… Continue reading

How to make 2018 your best year

Happy new year 2018! 5 years ago, one of biggest things I wanted to achieve as new year goal was to sing in the Music reality show, Nigerian Idol. I didn’t feel like singing in the reality show because of the paparazzi that comes with being a popular musician. (i’d… Continue reading

The power of empathy

If you were around on that 30th August, you could easily have felt the deep sense of loss hanging all over the room as I sat there on the reading chair with my back against the wall. Unlike my usual self, I was lost to everything! I didn’t notice her… Continue reading

Email subscriptions: Why people don’t respond to your offer for digital freebies

For a culture that expect more and more digital freebies handed out from the free (internet) world, you should expect they’ll gladly thank you for every little free gift sent their way… Especially on Christmas and celebratory seasons like this. But No! This is not to be. You think I’m… Continue reading

How to define success as a digital entrepreneur?

Success is one thing that means a whole lot to different people. As a digital hustler, success might mean having a lot of traffic to your blog like site A. Getting interviews like site B. Or being in the limelight like site C. Because that’s what everyone expects of you.… Continue reading

Digital hustling: How to stay committed to your hustle in 8 steps

You just finished writing another epic article. You’ve spent 5 days researching deeply and tweaking the article so there’s no disputing the fact your article is going to be a bomb. It’s Tuesday, the very day you scheduled to publish it. And the time is already 11am. Thinking about the… Continue reading

6 Figure Digital Business? Value First. Money Second.

On a good day, I just love to write! I can write series of blog posts again and again so that sometimes i’ll Just be wondering what’s up with me. Even, designing websites just for the fun of it has also become like a hobby. There are times i get… Continue reading

Digital Entrepreneurship: Your big story can’t be black or white all the time.

One of the reasons i started is because i wanted to solve a problem. I wanted to help digital entrepreneurs and ordinary people like me find some direction around their life and business. I wanted to put people through the same thing i was not lucky enough to be… Continue reading

16 Demons almost took my mind away – Dirug Samuel

So have you’ve been thinking about becoming a published author? What if i told you there are young entrepreneurs like you who have published books that’s helped them create a respectable brand? In our latest edition of the Victor Winners Show, we caught up with one of these young and… Continue reading

How to find a blog topic to write about

How to find a blog topic to blog about When i first started blogging, i didn’t know what to blog about. Blogging about personal development and many other religious stuff was just an automatic thing for because that’s what i was writing about on social media so i started with… Continue reading

How do i become a blogger

How can i become a blogger? When i was a kid, i never dreamed about being a writer. Somehow i stumbled on the skillsof writing.  And ever since then, I’ve been having a wonderful time sharing my thoughts with the world. Today writing has taken a different dimension entirely. I… Continue reading

How to publish on amazon – The Step by step guide

One question readers ask me a lot of the time is, Victor, how can I get published on Amazon? I don’t get surprised why they ask. Because being a published author is not just the aspiration of so many digital entrepreneurs, it’s one short way to stamp your authority easily… Continue reading

How to start an educational blog – The complete guide

When it comes to blogging, education is one of those evergreen niches that’ll keep growing in leaps and bounds. Yes! And this is true because on a regular basis, new innovations are being developed almost everyday. Which calls for education in that aspect. And to cap it, starting an educational… Continue reading

How to build a compelling online brand – The complete guide

The first question i ask myself when ever a stranger sends me a friend request on Facebook is, who is he/she? Have we met before or do we have friends in common? If i can’t find a convincing answer, i check out their profile. And there i will be like,… Continue reading

What is influencer marketing and how can it be done

What is influencer marketing? You’ve probably heard about it. Unless you’re still in the stone age (though I’m sure you can’t be reading this from there). So you’ve been wondering, what exactly is influencer marketing and why is it so trendy on the internet. As a matter of answering the… Continue reading

12 reasons why every writer should own a blog, expand influence and make money online

I’m beginning to think writing is one of the most creative and craziest craft out there. Seriously. As a writer, You can write almost anything out of anything. A non issue like what you ate last night could make a serious topic for your readers. I’m not even talking about… Continue reading

How to start a successful fashion blog- The complete guide

You’re the “boss lady” when it comes to fashion. You know all the colour combination that works. Your friends consult you whenever they have an occasion. And recently you’ve been thinking of reaching a wider audience with your fashion skills… Right now, you’re a bit confused because you feel it’s… Continue reading