Yo yo. We’re back from our series of free blogging tutorial.

Throughout the free blogging tutorial we covered just one of our four part blogging course so if you’d like to join us in the remaining four part, just shoot me an email right here.

Ok. Like i said, I’m glad we’re still here and bringing up other stuff too. Feels so good to go a bit out of schedule today.

Alright. So i wanted to share this post with you about the freedom that comes with blogging and owning a digital business.

This is it…

I love blogging because it offers so much freedom.

Working in establishments for people gets me a bit agitated really. I first noticed this some years back.

Then I got offered this nice job with good incentive through a friend.

Instead of grabbing the job with both hands, i gave my friend the excuse that i wouldn’t be having enough time to concentrate on my studies.

Of course that excuse was tenable. Studying is very important… But I could still squeeze out time if I wanted to. Yes.

Because of my so called lack of time, I kept refusing to try out any openings.

The last one i got some weeks back was with a radio station. And even when this was one of the most perfect kind of job opportunity i was waiting for, i still felt reluctant to apply.

Now, just some days ago, i got this other cool opening at one of Nigeria‘s leading digital media organization.

After taking the tests four days ago, all they needed next was my CV. And yet again i feel so reluctant sending it. Just imagine that.

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In my mind, I’ve been wondering what it would look like having folks talk down my neck because I’m supposed to meet one dateline. Or report to work at a certain time every single working day or get queried.

That thought is so discouraging. I love doing things at my own pace. I guess that’s why I’m more cut out for my private digital business where i set the flow for the things I do.

Yes. That’s exactly what it is. The freedom of waking up whenever you want and doing what you want to do at the time you want to do it.

That freedom is so beautiful. Because with such for instance, you can work from anywhere provided there’s internet access there.

Now only an online business can give you such freedom like that. And i can’t afford to lose it.. Not at all.

I’m sure if you’re a digital entrepreneur like me, you’ll easily relate with the last sentence i wrote up there.

On a second thought too. There’s something i want you to realize…

The danger of unrestrained freedom. It’s worse than not having any freedom at all.

Imagine yourself running an online business. Going around everyday without writing a single blog post for two weeks.

You won’t even visit your blog because no one will question you so it stays like that while you enjoy your freedom.

This attitude continues for a few more weeks. You enjoy yourself. Do the things you want and move around all the time.

And then your blog starts losing it’s readers, little by little until they keep going.

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One day, you finally feel like writing some blog posts after many weeks. You come back to visit your blog and all of a sudden you realized no one is visiting the blog anymore.

You begin to wonder, where are they all gone?

Well, they are all gone because you didn’t take responsibility for keeping them. Yes.

And this is what it is, whether you’re online or offline your blog is your business. And you’re responsible for it.

It doesn’t matter if you like working for two hours in a day or less, you must run it in a professional way just like you’d work for someone else.

Forget about the fact that no one will directly sack you for not doing what you’re supposed to do… Your readers and clients will leave your blog. And that’s exactly like getting sacked in the corporate world… Because you’ll lose your pay.

Yeah. You can be wondering if this is what every blogger or digital entrepreneur does. But no.

Even i myself, there have been times I’ve been struggling to keep things going professionally. And according to schedule.

Sometimes i miss it. But I’m committed to keeping it as it should be. Because following a recognised pattern is what sets me apart as an entrepreneur.

If i were to be running a brick and mortar business, i wouldn’t be coming one day on and two days off. So why should I be doing that for my digital business?

You see, there are certain things that indicates seriousness. And one of them is showing up when you have to.

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Even when you want to have the best freedom in the entire world, if you’re going to set up a profitable blog or run a successful digital business, you must get serious about stuff.

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