You’re the “boss lady” when it comes to fashion.

You know all the colour combination that works.

Your friends consult you whenever they have an occasion. And recently you’ve been thinking of reaching a wider audience with your fashion skills…

Right now, you’re a bit confused because you feel it’s not really possible to set up some fashion empire. I mean, how can you ever start your fashion label right now.

Of course you don’t have that steep capital to build up the next Versace, Gucci or the Amani’s of this world.

And I perfectly agree with you on this.

On a second thought really, there are so many successful fashion icons today like the… And … Of this world who started out as personal style bloggers and went on to build successful brands.

Besides, according to a report by Huffington Post. So many smaller clothing lines have turned to bloggers to spread the words about their clothes.

So let’s assume your market is already set up waiting for you to play the game and make your fashion blog the next successful blog. You get what I’m talking about right?

Now below are the step by step process you’ll need to start a successful fashion blogging career.

Set up a Plan: People usually say, “if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail”.

I don’t really have to agree or disagree with the wise saying because I know you know the truth.

The only thing is, sometimes I wonder why someone will expect that success would just fall on them by chance…

Because it if it did, so many people would be successful by now.

So since success doesn’t happen by chance, you have to start your fashion blog with success in mind.

You have to ask yourself, what exactly are other fashion bloggers doing that’s making them successful?

Is there anything that’s unique about my fashion sense?

How can I develop on that and make it stand out as my unique selling point (USP)?

When you find this, you can then go ahead and develop a brand for your fashion blog around your unique selling point.

Get a domain name and web hosting: After finding out your USP, it’s now time to go settle for a domain name.

Now, your domain name should not just be anything catchy, choose it in such a way that it projects your brand and USP and your readers will be able to know what your fashion blog is all about without much stress.

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Next, get over to a web hosting company and check if the domain name is available.

Once you find out it’s available, place an order for the domain name and obtain your web hosting plan as it suits your budget.

You can get both domain and web hosting at a single spot from reliable web hosting companies like Smart Web.

Just as your domain name is activated, get over to wordpress and set up your fashion blog.

Yeah. And because wordpress is the most popular and easiest to use platform, you’ll get to understand and use it without much stress after the blog is set up.

Although setting up your blog on wordpress could be a bit technical, you could read up tips like this or get professionals to help you set up your website and also train you on blogging like a pro.

The next thing after this is to decide what kind of post you want to update on your blog and how often you will be updating it.

After you settle on this too, begin writing blog posts in advance.

Witing blog posts in advance will help you publish on the specified dates without fail. And before you run out of the prewritten post, you would have already come up with ideas for new posts.

How to make your fashion blog stand out: If there’s one thing that will decide the success or failure of your blog, it’s going to be your originality.

Most fashion bloggers blog basically about their personal style. That’s why most times these fashion blogs are regarded as personal style blogs.

So here is the time to bring your USP into play like we mentioned earlier.

Blog about your personal style. Be creative and innovative about the pictures you’re going to be sharing including the inspiration behind it.

If you were inspired to create a local style by another trending or popular fashion, tell your readers about it. And show them how it can be done exactly like you did it.

Write about famous celebrity styles: Naturally, so many people see celebrities like their role models.

And because of this some of the celebrity fans want to dress like them, be like them or even act like them. You can take up the job of satisfying this cravings by writing about celebrities and their fashion sense.

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Since there’s perhaps so many other bloggers writing about these celebrites, you can Share those beautiful pictures of them from a different angle and tell a whole new narrative about it.

How to get readers for your new fashion blog: It’s starting out on any new project, you’ll have to tell people about it before they get to know about it.

So for you to have readers for your blog, you have to go where your readers will be found and tell them about your fashion blog in a language they’ll want to hear.

Here’s what I’m talking about…

When it comes to fashion, the number one go to place for finding readers is the social media.

And your best social media if you’re a fashion blogger is going to be Instagram.

So you’ll have to get over and be active on the platform.

Update beautifully engaging pictures (just as you’re updating your blog and use the right tags whenever you’re making a post.

Also, don’t forget to include a link to your blog on your profile.

Set up a platform on pinterest and put up your pins right there on the popular boards too.

Follow a blogging schedule and write regularly… Be posting quality and inspiring stuff on your blog at a regular interval.

Some fashion bloggers make more than one post in a day, others settle for 5, 4 or less in a week, choose a posting schedule that will favour you and stick to it.

How to make money with a fashion blog: Okay. So we all understand that one of the most important reasons why fashion enthusiasts open a blog is because they are passionate about taking their passion to a wider audience.

Now besides being a hubby fashion blogger, you can also become a professional, monetize and earn from your blog.

So how do you monetize your fashion blog?

Sponsored posts: Write about your favourite fashion items, how they are affecting you and how you’re using it.

Yes this could be you sharing honestly about what you use with your readers. And it can also be your review post which you get paid for.

Affilates: Yes affiliate! When it comes to fashion blogging, using affiliate ads means so much more than getting mere links.

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With fashion affiliates, you can blog about the particular brand you want to promote after getting the product.

For instance if it’s a handbag, you can get the bag from the affiliate, dress up with it, take photographs, update an inspiring blog post about it and post it on your blog with a link to to the affiliate product.

Now, you’ll make money when someone makes a purchase through your link or per click on the link.

You can get affiliate products from international sites like commission Junction (Now CJ), Google adsense, Shopstylecollectives,  Amazon etc.

You can as well apply for affiliate programs from other smaller websites.

Collaborate with other brands: Once you keep updating great stuff with a handful of readers, brands will be hooking you to get featured on your blog.

Before then, you can include a separate page on your blog, a contact email and a notice about your readiness to collaborate and feature brands on your blog including all details.

Do you have a fashion product as well? Promote it on your blog.

It doesn’t have to be all about your dresses, you could include other fashion accessories like your private jewellery, home made perfumes, beauty products etc.

Now there are so many other ways to make money out of your blog and your brand as a fashion blogger but this list is a good place to get started with.

So now up there is a complete guide that can help you build up the next most successful fashion blog.

But, if you’re not going to get started today, nothing’s going to happen.

And as you’re embarking on this, remember it’s going to take effort and time but in the end, it won’t only be rewarding you’ll have a handful to teach others.

So here we go… Do you have suggestions on how to become a successful fashion blogger?

Share with us below.

Remember if you ever find difficulty setting up your fashion blog, you can let experts help you out.

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