A domain name is the name of your website. It’s the name anyone can use to locate your website on the internet.

Like your home address, a domain name helps people find your website on the internet.

Domain names are formed by the rules of the Domain Name System (DNS)

There are both a domain name and sub domain name. For instance, a domain name ends with the suffix .com, .org etc.

A sub domain name ends with something immediately before the dot com symbol.

so for instance a www.victorwinners.com is a full domain name. While www.journal.victorwinners.com and vickwin.wordpress.com are both sub domains.

There are different kinds of domain names. The first set are called Top Level Domain.

A top level domain is a domain name at the top hierarchy of the domain name system. It’s divided into generic top level domain name and country specific top level domain name.

Generic top level domain name (gTLD) are the most popular kind of domain names. It usually ends with the suffix, .com, .org, .net,  .info, .biz etc.

While a country specific top level or country code domain name represents a country and usually ends with a two lettered word.

So for instance if I used a country code top level domain name (ccTLD) for the US, we’d have : victorwinners.com.us. and Nigeria’s would be victorwinners.ng etc.

Domain name extensions and when it’s used.

.org : Best for organizations.
.com: Best for commercial businesses. Although this is the most widely used domain name extension.
.info: For information websites.
.net: For network organizations.
.edu. For educational purposes.
.mil: For military purposes.
.ca (Canada): For websites targeted at Canadians.
.ng (Nigeria): For websites targeted at Nigerians.

Before getting a website or blog, one of the most important things you must fix is a domain name.

So you’ll have to settle for a domain name before proceeding with your web design.

Now you should note that it’s not just about your domain name, the domain name extension matters too.

So before going for a domain name, instead of going for the default domain name extension, (in this case, the .com), find out your target audience and then select a suitable domain name based on that audience.

So if you’re setting up a business website targeted at Nigerians you can go for the .ng extension. Or the .com.ng etc.

Same goes for a website targeted at people in the UK. The .uk and .co.uk are your best extensions.

Using the country code domain name to target a particular country helps the search engine in showing your website to the right audiences.

Same goes with a blog. Though most blogs are left at the default dot com extension, If your blog is focused on a country specific audience, target the domain extension for the particular country.

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