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What is blogging? Who is a blogger?

Imagine me lying here, fiddling with my computer at some minutes past 12am and then someone walks in the door: Vick you’re still up? What are you doing with your PC by this unholy hour? Then I’ll be like: I’m working bro! And then he asks, Work? Who works at … Continue reading

My Writing story: Dreams do come true

So you’ve heard these stories about dreams coming true right? Let me tell you my own part. I was only a rookie writer then. All i wanted was a few more bucks. Writing was not a passion. No! If that was to be part of purpose for me, i didn’t … Continue reading

Special Announcement For All Winners

Hey Winners! Before i make any post on this site, i want to tender my unreserved apologies to you. It happened so fast and all of a sudden really. I wasn’t planning for it but it happened. My website got deleted from the server and all the data went off … Continue reading