Smart Blogging Tutorial: How to add pictures to blog post

So here we go on yet another Smart Blogging Tutorial. In today’s tutorial we’ll be talking about how to add pictures to blog posts and optimize blog images for the search engine… Okay so you might be asking yourself… Is it really necessary i add pictures to my WordPress blog posts? And if i were to answer your question i would say yes. And no. Because in the real sense of it, adding or not adding pictures is a matter of choice… Depending on your site, the kind of posts you write out there and so on. But again, it’s a fact pictures makes your WordPress blog posts look beautiful. Of course so many people still believe a picture speaks a thousand words. So that alone is enough reasons to add pictures to your blog posts. Also depending on the particular write-up you’re updating, you might need pictures for illustrative purposes and all that. So that’s it… The basic reasons you need to add pictures to your blog posts. Okay. Let’s dig in to how you can add your first image to a blog post… 1. Login to your WordPress dashboard through www.myblog/wp-admin/ (remove myblog and add the name of […]