Smart Blogging Tutorial: How to submit your blog to search engines

Hey, what’s up with you? Welcome back to The Smart Blogging Tutorial. In today’s tutorial i will be teaching you how to submit your blog to the search engine and how to share your blog posts to Facebook and other social media platforms automatically. But what’s search engines and why do i have to submit my blog there, you ask… Search engines are technological programs that people use to search for what they want on the internet. A good example of a search engine is Google. There are other search engines too… Like Yahoo, Bing, Ask.Com etc. People use search engines to make queries on the internet. So why should i submit my blog to the search engine? The reason you need to submit your blog to the search engine is because for your blog to constantly come up in search results, the search engines will have to index your blog. When they index your blog, the blog gets included in their database. This makes it possible that any time you update or write anything on your blog, it reflects in their database. And when this happens, your blog will come up when someone is searching for something related to […]