Smart Blogging Tutorial: How to choose the right blogging platform for your blog

Now that you’ve successfully chosen a topic for your blog, the next thing we’ll be addressing in the smart blogging tutorial is how to choose the right blogging platform for your blog. Before we delve into this topic, i want you to understand certain definitions… So a blogging platform is a content management system where you’ll be writing your blog posts. It’s a facility that enables you to write and […]

How to open a website and become a celebrity blogger

Think about that day and you’re walking through the mall. Suddenly, two teenagers shout at you: “Oh my God! I can’t believe you’re the one I’m seeing. I’ve learned so much from your blog. Can I take a selfie with you? I want to show it to my girl friend.” You stand there, transfixed. Blinking your eyes to be sure you’re quite awake. Suddenly the whole mall stands still. People […]

What is blogging? Who is a blogger?

Imagine me lying here, fiddling with my computer at some minutes past 12am and then someone walks in the door: Vick you’re still up? What are you doing with your PC by this unholy hour? Then I’ll be like: I’m working bro! And then he asks, Work? Who works at 1am? I’m a blogger. I’m writing. Oh! Are you serious? If he’s a Nigerian from the nineteenth century he’ll quickly […]