How to find a blog topic to write about

How to find a blog topic to blog about When i first started blogging, i didn’t know what to blog about. Blogging about personal development and many other religious stuff was just an automatic thing for because that’s what i was writing about on social media so i started with that. It’s over 3 years. My blog is more focused now than it used to be. And the reason is because I’ve been able to find clarity on what i should be blogging about. I mean I’ve spent time blogging again and again until i discovered the blogging topics I’m really drawn to. The particular theme that brings out the best in me as well as add more value to my audience. I’ve also realized what’s going to pay my bills and the kind of content that will bring visitors back to my blog again and again. When the time comes, this is what you will also find out, as a new blogger. As someone that’s already familiar with writing on social media, when looking for a blog topic to write about, start with the same topic you’ve been writing about on your social media. If you’re totally a new […]

How do i become a blogger

How can i become a blogger? When i was a kid, i never dreamed about being a writer. Somehow i stumbled on the skillsof writing.  And ever since then, I’ve been having a wonderful time sharing my thoughts with the world. Today writing has taken a different dimension entirely. I don’t just write on books, i write for large audience from over 130 countries when ever i do. And sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes you don’t even get it. Today also, people are not just aspiring to write with ink. Folks want to write with their tablets and smartphones. They want to write for a more diverse and international audience. That’s why as a blogging coach, one of the questions people ask me really often is how can i become a blogger? How can i create a blog and become a successful blogger. While i may not want to repeat what is already obvious, i tell you, if you want to become a blogger then you have to to blog. So the first steps to become a blogger is by getting a blog. Get yourself a blog and become a blogger. Without wasting much more of your time, i will be […]

Smart Blogging Tutorial: How to choose the right blogging platform for your blog

Now that you’ve successfully chosen a topic for your blog, the next thing we’ll be addressing in the smart blogging tutorial is how to choose the right blogging platform for your blog. Before we delve into this topic, i want you to understand certain definitions… So a blogging platform is a content management system where you’ll be writing your blog posts. It’s a facility that enables you to write and publish your posts. More like what we have on fb and other social media platforms. So there are different kinds of blogging platforms. We have from the popular ones like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Squarespace to the moderately popular ones like Typepad, medium etc. These platforms are also divided into the free and the self hosted blogging platforms. The self hosted platforms is so called because instead of the blogging company hosting the blog for you, you’ll be in charge of hosting it. With the free blogging platforms, anyone can set up a blog and get started immediately. And this is about the best place to start especially if you’re a newbie or you just want to play around with blogging. On the other hand, if you’re thinking of making money […]

How to open a website and become a celebrity blogger

Think about that day and you’re walking through the mall. Suddenly, two teenagers shout at you: “Oh my God! I can’t believe you’re the one I’m seeing. I’ve learned so much from your blog. Can I take a selfie with you? I want to show it to my girl friend.” You stand there, transfixed. Blinking your eyes to be sure you’re quite awake. Suddenly the whole mall stands still. People start staring at you. Then you just realized you’re in the real world. Welcome to the community of rich and famous bloggers. People like you are experiencing the same unbelievable moments just because of the wisdom they share to bless other people’s lives. It’s real. It’s in your face. All over the web. But away from the drama and everything. This feeling is one of the most irreplaceable things these bloggers enjoy. That moment you feel some tear escape your eyes seeing the “walking ” impact you’ve made in another person’s life. It’s just amazing. And it’s amazing because that’s how it’s supposed to be. As humans our greatest happiness is not in the things that happens to us but in the things we make happen to others around us. […]

What is blogging? Who is a blogger?

Imagine me lying here, fiddling with my computer at some minutes past 12am and then someone walks in the door: Vick you’re still up? What are you doing with your PC by this unholy hour? Then I’ll be like: I’m working bro! And then he asks, Work? Who works at 1am? I’m a blogger. I’m writing. Oh! Are you serious? If he’s a Nigerian from the nineteenth century he’ll quickly add: Oh i see… You’re one of those guys doing copy and paste online. If he doesn’t know about copy and paste, he’ll just tell me young man go and find something to do with your life. Then the sermon to change careers for goodness sake will begin immediately. lol. That’s the case here In Nigeria and many other developing countries. To most people, blogging cannot be an occupation, not to talk about it being an Honorable one for that matter. For instance, a blogger to some people is one sadist who enjoys doing ‘copy and paste’, writing gossip and cheap lies against others. Does that make sense at all? Seriously it doesn’t. I’m grateful for people like Linda Ikeji, Stella Dimoko Korkus, Japheth Omojuwa and other serious bloggers out […]