How to speak the language of your readers

Alright can we take a little break from smart blogging tutorial today? Cool. Let’s do it please. So today i want to share a story with you. It’s a story that’s been shared again and again… This story will give you a mental shift especially when it comes to writing stuff that connects with your audience… I hope to develop it further than this in the nearest future… Enjoy. Once upon a time, a blind beggar used to sit on the steps of a building with a plate by his feet and a sign that read: “please help, I am blind”. One day, a guy passed by him and looking at the blind beggar, he observed the beggar had only but a few coins in his plate. The passerby decided to drop a few bucks for the beggar and then without asking for his permission took the sign, turned it around, and wrote another sign on it. He placed the sign by the beggar’ feet and left. Later in the day, the passerby returned by the blind beggar and noticed that his hat was full of money far more than he’s seen him have before. The beggar himself was surprised […]

Smart Blogging Tutorial: How to find the perfect blogging topic

So we’ve finally discussed about the reasons why people blog in our last tutorial. Congratulations. Before we proceed in the Smart Blogging Tutorial, I want us to consider the most important thing that matters if you really want to blog successfully. It’s called niche selection. That is, the act of choosing a particular topic for your blog. In today’s tutorial, I will show you everything you need to know on how to choose the perfect blogging topic for your blog. As a new blogger, you’ll have to take out time to do this because sometimes your blogging topic can be the major determinant of your overall success as a blogger. Especially when it comes to finding readers or making money with your blog. Before we go further I want to quickly point out something to you. The two dominant blogging model. There are basically two models of blogging. Journalistic blogging and Expert Styled blogging. Journalistic blogging model focuses on news-like blogging etc. This style of blogging can be seen in news websites, gossip blog, magazines and journals etc. And then the Expert model focuses on writing instructional posts like what you have here on So in the first place, […]

Smart Blogging Tutorial: Why do people blog?

Is it just about writing stuff online and making money? You can’t help asking yourself sometimes. Everyday folks tell you about how you can make money blogging and you’re wondering the exact thing that keeps people like yours truly blogging for days. Perhaps they enjoy wasting time on the internet. Or they just want to get popular you say. And then you tell yourself, maybe if i knew what it’s all about i could actually get to join them. Enough of all the confusion my friend. I’m here to help you. I will show you why people and businesses engage in blogging. That’s why i started #smartbloggingtutorials so you can learn the background stuff about blogging. You’ve asked yourself several times, what is blogging? And i feel you really have to understand what blogging is about so you can get to appreciate it what we’re about discussing. So i won’t even go use some dictionary definition anyway. I will break it down for you. Blogging is the art of writing on a web log. A blog is a corrupted form of weblog. It was so named because of the way it appears like a journal where people just record down […]