How to start blogging and become a smart Blogger

Hello and welcome to today’s smart blogging . Slowly and slowly, the smart blogging tutorial winds up to an end. Throughout this period, I’ve been leading you through series of free stuff that will help you start your blogging journey and even become a smart blogger in a very short while. It’s been a swell time and I’m proud you’ve been a part of this journey. So here we go, let’s take a brief look at what we did so far. Alright. So we started out the smart blogging tutorial with why people blog. In that particular tutorial, we listed about 7 top reasons why people blog. If you read the tutorial, you’ll find out stuff like the number of people using internet around the world. And the exact reasons why bloggers decide to reach out to these guys. You’ll also fund out stuff about the meaning of blogging, blog and bloggers. The second topical issue was about how to create a unique brand for your blog. Of course, branding is everything on the internet. From deciding whether you’re worth listening to, to letting people decide whether to buy your products or not, your brand plays a very important role […]

Everything about blogging: Free Blogging Tutorial

So you wake up this morning and begin to wonder how to make a difference in your life and other people’s life even when you don’t own a bank. Your first instinct tells you it’s impossible. You feel a bit sad about the idea and then begin to wish it was all different. Suddenly, a thought dropped on your mind. Blogging. Yes blogging. I could start a blog, you say to yourself. I could use a blog to reach an international audience. Immediately you begin to recount the number of people who are using a blog to achieve their dreams and you begin to wonder why you never thought about this earlier. It’s a crazy world you know. But since early 2000, millions of people like you have used blogging as a tool to influence a whole lot of people, sway opinions and even make money in the process. Blogging has become a tool not only for journaling but for shaping opinions, raising thought leaders and a business opportunity for so many people especially young millenials in Nigeria, Africa and other Third World countries including India etc. For someone who’s been blogging for over four years now, I can tell […]