How to open a website and become a celebrity blogger

Think about that day and you’re walking through the mall. Suddenly, two teenagers shout at you: “Oh my God! I can’t believe you’re the one I’m seeing. I’ve learned so much from your blog. Can I take a selfie with you? I want to show it to my girl friend.” You stand there, transfixed. Blinking your eyes to be sure you’re quite awake. Suddenly the whole mall stands still. People start staring at you. Then you just realized you’re in the real world. Welcome to the community of rich and famous bloggers. People like you are experiencing the same unbelievable moments just because of the wisdom they share to bless other people’s lives. It’s real. It’s in your face. All over the web. But away from the drama and everything. This feeling is one of the most irreplaceable things these bloggers enjoy. That moment you feel some tear escape your eyes seeing the “walking ” impact you’ve made in another person’s life. It’s just amazing. And it’s amazing because that’s how it’s supposed to be. As humans our greatest happiness is not in the things that happens to us but in the things we make happen to others around us. […]