What is influencer marketing and how can it be done

What is influencer marketing? You’ve probably heard about it. Unless you’re still in the stone age (though I’m sure you can’t be reading this from there). So you’ve been wondering, what exactly is influencer marketing and why is it so trendy on the internet. As a matter of answering the second part of your question, influencer marketing is a buzzword because the internet has liberalised the marketing industry, giving people who didn’t have chance an opportunity to market to their target customers with almost with zero capital. Ok. Before it looks like I’m talking above your head. This is what I’m saying… Before the revolution of the digital era, people used to pay big media organisations so they can get to market their products to their target audience. Right now with the influence of digital and social media, ordinary people like you and I can now command as much influence as the media. Yeah. And when I’m talking about this, I’m sure you remember those actors, musicians, super star bloggers and internet personalities right? These guys are now replacing the almighty media organisations little by little. So how’s that got to do with influencer marketing you ask? Influencer marketing is […]

What is content marketing in Nigeria?

When i was a bit new in the digital world, i used to really ask myself, why do people write on the internet? Like why do we even have to search for something on Google and find it free of charge? Who pays those guys that write for Google? It took me a long time to get to understand this. And the simple reason was so mind blowing. That any person that hears about it will just be amazed. So this is what it is. You see all those answers you have on the internet when you search google? 90 percent of those stuff are there because someone wants to stimulate your interest about their stuff. From blogging to vlogging and writing on the internet, we call it different names but the thing is, this is content marketing. Now, before we proceed, i want to tell you something important… People don’t like to be sold to. Yes. I don’t like it when you bombard me with messages about your latest stuff which i might not even be interested in. You don’t like it either. So what’s the need for marketing then? As in, how do i tell people about my […]