For Freelancers: How to get recommendations and keep your clients coming back to you even when you’re a newbie.

Of course 53 million freelancers in the US alone do not only prove that the freelance industry is the employment industry of the future.. As an aspiring freelancer, you’re a proof that this is where the world is going… That the time has come where humans can demand for more flexible working schedule that will allow them achieve their dreams without compromising what matters most to them… A promise only freelancing can fulfill. As an aspiring freelncer, it’s a bit unfortunate you don’t have a backlog of experience or anything. So why should you worry about becoming a freelance entrepreneur, getting clients. And even keeping them coming back. Don’t deny it just yet. You’re not even sure if freelancing is something you’d do in the long run or not. The experts told you that for you to be a successful freelancer, you will have to start with building up readers. Writing free gigs. Getting exposure. And all that. And that’s really scary. Isn’t it? Of course you didn’t realize they left something out of the whole narratives. Did you? Well, they actually did. And that’s why I’m writing this post to show you how to get recommendations and keep your […]