Smart Blogging Tutorial: How to add links to blog posts

Hey how are you today. It’s yet another episode of the smart blogging tutorial. And today, I’ll be teaching you how you can add links to your blog posts. Before we proceed, you’ll like to know what we mean by links and why they are important right? Okay. So links are short form for hyperlinks. A link helps you to get over to a new or different post when you […]

Smart Blogging Tutorial: How to submit your blog to search engines

Hey, what’s up with you? Welcome back to The Smart Blogging Tutorial. In today’s tutorial i will be teaching you how to submit your blog to the search engine and how to share your blog posts to Facebook and other social media platforms automatically. But what’s search engines and why do i have to submit my blog there, you ask… Search engines are technological programs that people use to search […]

How to project your personal and corporate brand on the internet.

Welcome back to our tutorials on how to make the internet work for you and your business. In this post I’ll be writing about how to project your personal or corporate brand on the internet. I would have merged the whole subheads together, but, right now, I want to take each of these sub heads individually so I can write on them extensively and then continue with the next benefit. […]

5 Reasons you must master ICT for massive influence and relevance

This is my first in the series of posts like this, about how you can use Information communication technology to maximize your influence as an entrepreneur. In this particular series we’ll dig into what’s ICT, why you must use it if you seek to remain relevant in the 21st century and how you can use ICT to expand your influence and maximize your business income. *Note: This post is strictly […]