The complete guide on how to set up a music blog

Do you have what it takes to start a successful music blog that will help you achieve your blogging dreams? Well, if you’re still doubtful about that then this complete guide on how to start a successful music blog is for you. Okay. So I’ve been asked this again and again, Victor how can i upload my video online. How can i promote my song on your blog. And how can i get my podcasts to many people out there. So many people don’t realize it’s now possible to get your music, audio or even videos out there or help others get theirs done too and even get paid in return. Yes. You can own a rock star music blog. Besides the side benefits of owning a music blog like getting free songs before they are even released, getting to hangout with artists and perhaps earning a free pass for shows, you can also make money from your music blog or use it to launch a musical career if you want. It’s possible and I’m going to tell you how in this blog post. As a music artist i think it’s unusual for you not to have a music website… […]