How to change the world with the internet and get paid for it

It’s time to change the world with the internet and get paid for it. That’s exactly what  you’ll learn at the end of this post. To be sincere with you, i feel excited each time i look at the massive opportunities that has been made possible since the advent of the internet especially down here in Africa. Imagine 20 years ago, you would hardly believe that Elewa in Kenya could […]

How to make ICT work for you as a smart entrepreneur

Trust you’re doing well right? It’s a sunny day here. How’s it over there? I mentioned in my last post that I’ll be sharing deep thoughts on ICT and how you can leverage the internet to advance your life, business and aspirations. That’s exactly what I’ll be doing in today’s post as well. I’ll take you further deeper into the gains of utilizing the digital revolution for your advantage. Now […]

5 Reasons you must master ICT for massive influence and relevance

This is my first in the series of posts like this, about how you can use Information communication technology to maximize your influence as an entrepreneur. In this particular series we’ll dig into what’s ICT, why you must use it if you seek to remain relevant in the 21st century and how you can use ICT to expand your influence and maximize your business income. *Note: This post is strictly […]