Smart Blogging Tutorial: How to add links to blog posts

Hey how are you today. It’s yet another episode of the smart blogging tutorial. And today, I’ll be teaching you how you can add links to your blog posts. Before we proceed, you’ll like to know what we mean by links and why they are important right? Okay. So links are short form for hyperlinks. A link helps you to get over to a new or different post when you click on it. Linking is what makes the internet what it is, a network of websites and everything. Why it’s important to add links to blog posts… There are so many reasons why we should add links to blog posts but i will list the few most important ones below. 1. It gives your readers something more to learn about the topic. Here, instead of being the one to write it all out, your readers can also read more about your topic from other people’s blog. A word of caution though… * Just be sure you don’t “over link” it can be very distracting to readers. 2. Adding links to your blog posts reduces the time spent on writing a blog post. So instead of focusing on researching and writing […]