6 Figure Digital Business? Value First. Money Second.

On a good day, I just love to write! I can write series of blog posts again and again so that sometimes i’ll Just be wondering what’s up with me. Even, designing websites just for the fun of it has also become like a hobby. There are times i get on my laptop to design a demo site then it looks like staying there is everything i should be doing. You know, generally as a blogger and owner of a website, it is expected you should be showing banner ads and doing other things to monetize your platform. Most times I don’t monetize anything. Not because I wouldn’t want to. I guess I have an obsession about writing and analytics.. One reason my first blog went offline due to paucity of funds. There are times a handful of friends ask me, Victor, aren’t you monetizing your blog? And sometimes I will be like ok fine. I should be finding more ways to make money with the blog. After all, what’s the need for operating a website that’s not generating passive income? We’re business men, just like Google, Facebook and all these mega digital entrepreneurs. You are in the business of […]

One thing every blogger and freelancer must know

Yo yo. We’re back from our series of free blogging tutorial. Throughout the free blogging tutorial we covered just one of our four part blogging course so if you’d like to join us in the remaining four part, just shoot me an email right here. Ok. Like i said, I’m glad we’re still here and bringing up other stuff too. Feels so good to go a bit out of schedule today. Alright. So i wanted to share this post with you about the freedom that comes with blogging and owning a digital business. This is it… I love blogging because it offers so much freedom. Working in establishments for people gets me a bit agitated really. I first noticed this some years back. Then I got offered this nice job with good incentive through a friend. Instead of grabbing the job with both hands, i gave my friend the excuse that i wouldn’t be having enough time to concentrate on my studies. Of course that excuse was tenable. Studying is very important… But I could still squeeze out time if I wanted to. Yes. Because of my so called lack of time, I kept refusing to try out any openings. […]