How to increase your blog traffic with header tags

If you are like most bloggers, you want your blog to become the “talk of the interne right”, you want to have the email addresses of all those who visited your blog and you want your name to be added beside that of Neil Patel as one of the richest bloggers in the world. At the same time, you have no doubt learned that success in blogging doesn’t happen by accident or wishful thinking. They increase just as you put in more effort in your blog. And a good part of that effort should be invested in crafting a high quality content that your readers and the search engines are sure to love. Now, this is where it gets interesting… So, now that you have known that your content is the trump card that determines how far that you and your content go in the internet landscape, you went ahead and created what most bloggers call ” the epic content”. An hour after your best piece ever went live, you logged in to your website dashboard to see how many eyeballs had fell on it, you checked the share stats, and you even did a quick search on Google to […]

Smart Blogging Tutorial: How to write and optimize your first blog post

Okay. In today’s smart blogging tutorial, we’ll be talking about how to write your first blog post. Yes. Considering that you’ve done all the necessary work. You’ve set up your WordPress blog and right now you want to get your first blog post out to the world wide web. Now, before writing your first blog post, these are the things you must note… First, optimize for an internet audience: A blog post is different from the kind of essay you wrote in schools back then. So after writing your first blog post, you have to optimize it for an online audience. To optimize your blog posts, you’ll want to start with using less words in your paragraphs. Also, take time to be more personal and conversational when you’re writing. It helps your readers relate with you much better. All right let’s see what steps you should take before making your first blog post … So the first thing to do before writing your first real blog post is login to your blog’s dashboard area via (replace your blog name with myblog). Before we proceed i want to really tell you about this. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing directly […]