How to start an internet based business with 70 percent less capital

Can I tell you something? Two years ago, the things I read online made me think of ways I could use my knowledge to help Nigerian and African businesses get on the internet. Considering my financial status and age at that time, I was like, if I ever discuss this with anyone, they will just laugh it off. So I decided to keep quiet about it. I needed close to 200 thousand naira to rent and setup a small office if I was ever to get started and avoid that question of “where is your office? ” Because here, people get to trust you mostly when you have an identifiable offline office. There was no such money. I was merely a second year student trying to keep stuff working. As at then, I’d already had a blog that was running online. After looking for alternatives on the internet, I found out that I could set up a virtual office with my website. I got the site up and running with less than 10 thousand Naira. Overtime, I became a full blown digital agency, setting up other businesses online. And then, today? It’s all history. That’s my little story about how […]