When it comes to turning wary users into loyal fans, driving outstanding results in digital marketing, or creating a sustained visibility for your brand, Content is King.

Believe it or not, we’ve been there, seen it, done it. And backed with an in depth understanding of content dynamics that works both locally and internationally, for over five years now, we’ve been on a journey to re-create the narrative for brands using valuable content.

As one of the leading Digital Strategist and Content Experts in Nigeria; Within the span of five years, my team and I have evolved content strategies that has improved growth, for both B2B and B2C brands, across social media and the blogosphere.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re running a social media campaign or promoting your brand, my team and I are committed to giving you valuable content that will connect with your audience and a pragmatic digital strategy, that will deliver your outcomes.

Have a look at some of the brands we’ve worked with below..

RichLife Africa

Our client needed content and content strategy to launch a new product into the Nigerian market.

My role was to lead the content creation team. And I was directly in charge of developing the social media, brand content and video content to be used in promotion of the brand.

Beyond creating a content strategy for all digital platforms, one of my primary role was to ideate, create and co-direct a short movie clip and a jingle, in promotion of the product on radio, television and social media.

I was also in charge of the content team and together with my team mates we created customized content that delivered the social media and digital marketing campaigns.

Creative Sparky

Client needed content to promote his idea for new investors.

We created written copy content for a virtual promotion of the idea.

In addition to the content, we straregized along side the organizer and created content for an indoor event which brought together people from different background, in further promotion of the idea.

SGI Global Enterprises Ltd

SGI Global Enterprises was a relatively new business in need of content strategy and design to drive growth.

Our responsibility was to evolve a strategy that will get the business off the ground.

Working with the company, I evolved strategies for onsite and off site content for the business.

Our content was targeted both at the promotion and growth of the business as the business was in dire need of clients.

Within a few months, we were able to build content that was not only engaging but very useful for the prospective client.

Combining both organic and inorganic promotion ideas, we evolved a marketing model that drove the campaign of the business in leaps and bounds.

In a matter of months, from a relatively new business website, the brand started competing with major brands like Jumia and Konga on some major keywords.

Giving Tide International

The NGO needed a rebranding for their website and content restructuring.

My role was to restructure the website and strategize the content in a way that will be appealing to the brand and it’s audience.

After a brief study to get a better understanding of the target audience, I was able to source up content from details I was given to create a brand that represented the aspirations of the organization.


Buukings, a new start up in need of Content Development and Strategy had a founder that was a greenhorn in the content marketing.

Our role was to take up his idea and interpret it to his potential clients, in a way they can easily relate with the idea, through our content.

After evaluating my client’s needs and creating a persona for his target audience, I evolved a strategic content framework and developed content that was based on his goals, niche market and the needs of his prospective target audience.

Stealth Modeling

Stealth Modeling, an existing modeling agency in Arkansas needed a re-retouch of their brand and a digital strategy model that will create a better visibility for their campaign.

The primary task for my team and I was to come up with a strategy that will enhance visibility and encourage activation and subscription of new models to their agency.

Starting with the website, our first step was to review their existing online brand strategy, rejig their brand to align with their expected outcomes and then create a compelling content copy and a website representation that will connect with their target audience.

EmyGold Logistics

Our client approached us to reposition their brand in a way that will consistently shape the perception of their target audience and evolve a content strategy that will accurately align with the needs of their audience.

Our primary task was to ascertain the target audience, understand their needs and then create a brand that’s in line with this, based on our clients goals.

To get things started, we worked on identifying and projecting the key concepts of the brand which were easily relatable to the audience and then we designed a custom content structure that would drive their expected outcomes.

As one of the leading Content Marketing Experts in Nigeria, Victor Winners is passionate about creating content that will connect your brand with your audience, in a way that will drive meaningful outcomes for your business.