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    Victor Winners

    Tired of creating blog posts without getting enough visibility to your blog? This is just about to be over right now.

    Because in this short post, I’ll be sharing with you the 6 strategies that’s worked for me and how this helped us to become the top 1 percent blogs on Alexa and the top 1,000 in our country.

    Now, before you get right into it, just know that this content is very short but rich. It’s a sneak peak of what you need to know while you get over to apply them right on your blog.

    And you can always click through the link shared, to read a more detailed guide if you want.

    Alright, let’s get started…

    Identify your audience. The first step to get visibility for your blog is to identify your audience. Learn about the kind of people you want to be reading your post first.

    Doing this gives you an idea about the kind of content that interests that audience, the key words that matter to them and how you can write and optimize this content so they can get to notice it.

    Create Great Content. Yes this might sound cliché but really, to get people coming over to read your blog, you must be able to create and share meaningful content that actually addresses their needs. And you need to do this consistently.

    Anything outside this, then you’re getting set to show up on Google’s 50th page.

    Understand Basic SEO. When it comes to visibility, search engine optimization is an important aspect of blogging you can’t ignore. Understand the basics of SEO and get your blog and content optimized for your target audience.

    Use the right Keywords. Another cliché? Yes! But regardless of how overused you think it is, Using the right keywords and all correct semantics will always get your content right in front of your target audience. Take that from me.

    Build Backlinks. To get visibility for your blog, build back links. Build quality backlinks. Yes, it’s hard but really, I need not emphasize on the importance of all the right back links in 2022.

    Promote your blog. Use social media as your content out post. Engage and share your content on popular social media platforms, sub groups and niches with your target audience.

    Oh there are a handful of other strategies to get visibility for your blog like using Guest Posting, Collaborating with other bloggers or even using paid promotion.

    Whatever you choose to use at the end of the day, always remember blogging is a marathon not a sprint. And you’ll need a whole lot of consistency and repetitive actions to build the kind of visibility you want.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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