How can i become a blogger?

When i was a kid, i never dreamed about being a writer. Somehow i stumbled on the skillsof writing.  And ever since then, I’ve been having a wonderful time sharing my thoughts with the world.

Today writing has taken a different dimension entirely. I don’t just write on books, i write for large audience from over 130 countries when ever i do.

And sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes you don’t even get it.

Today also, people are not just aspiring to write with ink. Folks want to write with their tablets and smartphones.

They want to write for a more diverse and international audience.

That’s why as a blogging coach, one of the questions people ask me really often is how can i become a blogger?

How can i create a blog and become a successful blogger.

While i may not want to repeat what is already obvious, i tell you, if you want to become a blogger then you have to to blog.

So the first steps to become a blogger is by getting a blog. Get yourself a blog and become a blogger.

Without wasting much more of your time, i will be listing the simple steps that will help you become a blogger and a published author.

Start by getting your self a blog.

You can get a domain name and buy web hosting from any of these web hosting sites or get yourself a free blog from any of WordPress, blogger or wix, if you don’t really want to start seriously.

Blog as much as you can. Blog about anything and everything until you’re very comfortable with what you’re doing.

Keep honing your skills.

Overtime you’ll find an area you’re very comfortable in. This area gives you much satisfaction etc, blog about topics in that area.

Blog about this area consistently. Research on important questions and topics in the area and share your content all across your social media platforms and with friends until you become well known for this.

Create social media peofiles foe your blog on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinit and spread the word. The social media is going to be one of your cool marketing tools for your blogs.

When you’re comfortable with your skill set here, decide to take it to the next level by helping others.

Helping people builds your expertise. It also makes them want to repay the kindness. And even if they don’t, karma does.

So start with hosting free programs, events in your niche area with some experts you know.

Don’t worry, you can begin with virtual events if physical events will be costly.

After that continue garnering experience and reaching over to experts and thought leaders in your niche.

There are always three sets of thought leaders. The advanced, the mid-level and the ones at your level.

Shot for the advanced and well recognised thought leaders and if they ignore you, go for the mid-level ones.

Develop robust relationships with these guys. You will need it.

Join facebook, LinkedId and twitter groups of like-minded bloggers in your niche.

Volunteer for write-ups or trainings in your niche area whenever you have the chance. Share well written contents to these groups. You’re building a brand.

Now, get over and write your first book. Your first book doesn’t have to be something that’s super extraordinary.

Extraordinary is one idea that’s stopped so many new bloggers from growing so you’re not going to wait to write some extraordinary book.

You want to write a good book your audience can learn great stuff from. Not the perfect book. And you’ll also grow and learn a lot even from the process. So there’s no need going beside yourself just yet.

Writing your first book will be very easy if you follow these steps, Find a central idea, organise them into chapters like blog posts. Research and plan the ideas for each section. Then write.

Write them just like you would write for your blog audience and before you know, you’ll come up with something awesome then you can now edit and send it out to friends for reviews if you want.

After that, keep giving your readers better quality content. Use your Google Search engine, research on the topic you want to write about while adding your perspective to it.

Do some deep research in another hot topic in your niche. Cover the topic extensively and then give it out free either as a book or some free stuff. And get their emails in return.

Promote the freebie. Ask people to spread the words about it. And then keep a link to this freebie on your blog so new readers can see and download it.

After a while, organize another conference, webinar or whatever with an established authority in your niche area, promote it.

Send private emails through those emails you collected earlier. Ask your readers to get the words out for you (by now they should be glad to pay you back for giving them hugely valuable free content).

Boost it with a fb ad if you can.

Set up some minimum fee for your event. Give a large percentage of the fees to the expert. Host and get testimonials from participants at the end of the day.

Use the testimonials for promotional purposes whenever you’re planning for your next event.

Repeat the process over and again just as you’re gaining more experience. Keep blogging. Yes. Don’t ever stop blogging, sharing your posts and guest posting on other established blogs.

If you can follow these steps, theres no reason why you shouldn’t become the next A list blogger.

Do you have ideas on how to become a blogger? Share with us below.

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