You remember those days after traveling home on a Christmas holiday?

Everyone gathers around to greet you and then your niece looks at you inquisitively with the piece of snacks you just bought stuck in her armpit, uncle, what do you do for a living?

Your heart skips a beat then begins to double it’s speed. A thousand and one lies spin around your head. You begin to ask her about school so she’ll forget the question.

As if she didn’t notice your tricks, she asks again. But uncle, What do you do in the city?

Suddenly you smile like an embarrassed kid. you look towards your toes and then begin to stammer, oh that? Errr. .. I work online.

ONLINE? Do people work online? Where is online?

She looks at you in amazement. You’re blushing embarrassment already. You begin to stutter in an effort to explain to your little niece the nature of your work.

Her mum suddenly noticed your discomfort. Ekaete, leave uncle alone. Come and eat your food. She calls out the daughter. Then you heave a sigh of relief.

You’ve been there right?

There have been times you’ve had to think up words to describe the things you do to people right?

If you’re in a developing country like I am, I’m sure so many people have taken you to be a scammer. One lazy chap sitting on Facebook or that guy who’s tweeting away his life.

The PayPal, Adsense and Some internet companies of this world are scared of associating with you too.

Sometimes you just wonder if the whole thing is worth it at all. Because so many times, it doesn’t make sense to you.

You’re confused. You heard so many people are making a living Online. You believed you’ll also buid a successful online business but here you are. Stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Yeah. You don’t need a sermon. And I’m not about to preach one. I’m here to give you a hand. And perhaps put that hand around you. Because we’re in this together.

You see all those folks looking for an explanation about what you do online? Believe me you don’t owe anyone nothing.

If you take a look around, some of your pals are making it in this same online business you’re doing. I see you’ve been worried…

But can I tell you something?

There was a time I was far more worried than you. Because nothing was working. The folks I started with made it so big that they were setting up structures while I was still struggling to even buy data subscription.

Familiar right?

I worked hard but earned little next to nothing. I was worried, troubled, confused. Then I found out, worrying kills enthusiasm. Comparing yourself with others drowns out your inspiration.

After many years of pains, hard work and little to nothing profits, i learned about 6 core secrets that can help you build a successful online business in Nigeria, India or any other Third World country.. Let me sum it this way…

1. Find your purpose. You can’t tell me you’re starting an online business without any solid plan of how your small online business is going to grow and make profit.

Unfortunately this is what I see all the time. People will be like, Victor, I want to start an online business and when you ask them, what’s your financial growth plan, they tell you they want to place ads.

Come on! This isn’t how it works. Going this way will only get you a mediocre business. If you want to build a successful online business. You must set out with a plan that will help you succeed.

Are you planning to evolve a coaching business with your blog? Sell your stuff to your readers? Sell your books or get people to advertise on your blog?

Find out what will generate income for your online business and fine tune your strategy towards that.

Then get to implement the strategy at the right time.

Because we’re not joking here. If you want to succeed with your online business you must take your business as serious as someone starting out a peculiar offline business like a bank for instance.

This mindset will help you. It will help you curtail the time you wake up. The time you spend doing activities related to your online business and how you even relate with your potential clients.

When you find the purpose you want to focus as a business, focus on it. Build a brand. And tweak it where necessary.

2. Learn every day. Read. Attend trainings online and offline.

You’ll be surprised that even after creating content for over 4 years and training people, I still attend trainings myself.

Yes! Because when it comes to online businesses, trends change so fast.

Most times the things that worked just two years ago might not be working anymore. Learning everyday keeps you at the top of your game.

And you don’t have to spend a ton of hours learning because time is of essence. You can learn in bits. And be sure to try out doing the things you learn. This solidifies the knowledge.

3. Focus your effort on where you get optimum results. Forget about working on what gives you maximum pleasure. Strive to get maximum results.

That old 80/20 rule still works. 20 percent of what you do is what will give you 80 percent of the results. Find that 20 percent and focus on it.

The 20 percent could be promoting your content across social media, writing on a particular social media forum, or producing a particular kind of content.

Find out that thing that really works for you without much effort. And focus your time producing more results from there.

4. Learn and apply what worked for the successful people in your niche where necessary. Or even combine strategies to evolve your own unique strategy.

For instance as an online entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk gained excellent results and build a large audience by producing daily video content on YouTube.

Many people copied the strategy. Of course so many new online business owners have gain success with this formula.
But that doesn’t mean it’s the only way there is. Or that it’s going to work for you too.

I have seen so many amateur digital entrepreneurs quitting and leaving their online business because they feel they can’t make it work.

Most of them didn’t even consider they are using the wrong strategy and model.

Look at the “advertising model” for instance. So many newbie content marketers and bloggers come up with this idea” OK, I will set up a blog, post content and make money through Google adverts”.

Then sometimes they set up these blogs, write content, apply to Google and then where Google refuses to accept their blog for Google Adsense. Then, the trouble begins.

See my friend, there’s actually no one size fits it all when it comes to setting up a successful online business in Nigeria, India other Third World countries or wherever you are.

Strategies works based on a combination of circumstances. And things change so fast here in the online world. You must understand this.

And against all odds, you must understand there’s been a handful of successful online business too and yours can be one of such.

So when you’re trying to set up your online business filter out the rumors, find out what strategy is working. Then see what you can evolve as your strategy.

Your own strategy could be producing audio or written content. Combining a popular strategy in your niche like using one content to produce different format for instance etc…

It can also be cross targeting across complimentary niches. Just find what works for you and develop on that.

Remember this doesn’t mean you should get stuck with this single strategy in forever. Evolve with it.

5. Connect with people both within and outside your niche. Feel free to tell them about what you’re doing. Ask for recommendations where necessary.

You don’t know who would really want to help you until you approach the person.

And in fact, you can barter help. By helping someone with what they want and getting something you need in return.

For example, you can help a fellow online business owner get some good and honest review while the same person also gives you a review in return.

And where you don’t have clients to get testimonials and reviews, you can do free stuff and get some good reviews for a start.

6. Sell. Sell right. Sell with sense. Yes. So many new business owners are scared of selling. Either because they feel they are not good enough compared to the older goons in the industry.

Yes I was scared too when I started. But I had to get up. Because for real, we’re not here to look at anyone’s face.

We’re here to exchange value. And get me right, if you don’t sell, no one will buy from you.

Yes. Forget about whether you’re new in the industry or not. The first thing you should remember is that you have something to offer. That’s why you’re here.

So focus on making your offering unique. And different from what other people are producing.

There’s one mistake some new online business owners make. They focus on selling before even getting started. And then immediately, their potential audience write them off as scam.

Look, this is it, the online world is a bit different from the brick and mortar world.

Here in the digital world,  people will need to Know, Trust and kind of Like you before they can do business  with you. 

You’ll want to avoid this mistake by focusing on producing valuable content. Exchanging free and indepth value with your audience, Gaining the Know, Like and Trust factor within your niche before selling.

Above all, work hard and smart all of the time.

Most importantly, understand you’re good enough. Say this to yourself everyday…

I am 5 star online business person.

I deserve success.

My stuff is one of the best in the industry.

I don’t owe anyone explanations for working online Because I love what I do. 

And then go beyond saying this. Now that your mind is prepared, Give your very best to become these things.

I could have gone on and on listing steps you should take in order to build a successful online business in Nigeria, India, other Third World country or wherever you are…

But trust me, these are the most fundamental steps you need to evolve a successful online business.

Now that you know, i can’t wait to see you at the top. So get to work. Implement this knowledge. Share it with friends. And let me share your success story.

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