Happy new year 2018!

5 years ago, one of biggest things I wanted to achieve as new year goal was to sing in the Music reality show, Nigerian Idol.

I didn’t feel like singing in the reality show because of the paparazzi that comes with being a popular musician. (i’d already been singing for over 15 years so music was already a part my life).

Instead there was something that used to push me right from within whenever i watched these guys on stage.

For this reason, planning to become the next super musician wasn’t really out of place in as far as my antecedent was concerned.

At some point, i started making Nigerian Idol and other music reality shows my favourite Television programme.

It was fun hoping, dreaming and watching stars emerge with my very eyes.

I was almost beside myself with the mere thought that I will one day sing like my favorite contestants.

Then one day something happened to me…

And then reality dawned on me. “you don’t become a music star by dreaming or even hoping”.

I realized to even become a contestant, i had to go out there, get the forms, register and get in cue for the big stage.

I discovered I had to start out something if I really wanted to get on that stage. Yes! there was a call for some sacrifice.

There was a call for voice training sessions, Music mastery courses, getting set to be in the academy for some weeks and so on.

Unfortunately for me, i wasn’t prepared at the moment. I wasn’t ready for these expenses.

On realising this, I didn’t only feel discouraged, after calculating everything it will cost to pursue the dream, I was dumbfounded.

The reality that this particular new year goal didn’t worth my investment ‘at the moment’ was harsh.

As I type this, it’s over 5 years since I first wanted this but, right now, I still feel the tinges in my tummy whenever i think about it.

So maybe one day I will have more time to learn the details, more money, more connections and maybe end up as a music star.

Maybe I’ll not. But I’m sure I now understand that every dream, every desire has its time.

This might be really hard for you to take but let me just write it…

One important thing you should note as If you plan to make 2018 your best year is that having a very strong goal in your to-do list doesn’t mean the goal is extremely relevant or the time is right for you to give up everything for it.

There might be a time you have this major goal you’re aiming at which will demand a whole lot of preparation, resources and time.

And there could be another dream or goal that’s much easier and less tasking and both of them happen to need serious investment of time and resources from you during the same period.

When you get to this point, go for the one that’s easiest and less resource demanding if you really want to make 2018 your best year.

Don’t forget that whether you’re a beginner, veteran or amateur, you’re going to have the same 365 days as every other person in the year 2018.

So it’s going to be your single responsibility to pursue the exact goals that will drive you towards achieving your most important purpose that will help in making 2018 your best year.

  • Ok let’s put it this way… Break down your goals into: Urgent, Intermediate and Long term goals. Allocate them time and resources depending on necessity. 

As you make plans for 2018, when you’re worried about what to do, which way to go or what goals to pursue, remember to find out what goal is more important, more relevant and less tasking

Start with these ones!

You will need the strength and courage (and maybe resources too) from those little wins, to launch the bigger goals.

In 2018, decide to become a realistic entrepreneur. Don’t wait for a yet-to-be-seen resources to start the big dreams while you already have stuff to get started with the smaller ones.

This, is the difference between a realist ( those who have practical idea of what is achieveable at a particular time) and dreamers ( those with a cherished hope about a particular desire).

While most Dreamers are having great dreams with their eyes closed and without much thought to resources available to them, Realists dream with eyes wide open to the resources and possibilities before them.

You can as well be both as you get set to make 2018 your best year ever.

Finally my friend. If you really want to make 2018 your best year, don’t just dream, get up and do the right thing at the right time. 

Here’s a toast to all your desires, and effort in creating a remarkable year for yourself.

I’m wishing you and your loved ones, a very Happy new year 2018 !

Yeah the new year is already getting old after all it’s over 11 days gone. And many people have got major plans lined out already.

So what have you been up to?

Here on Victor Winners, we’ve been up to a lot especially as it concerns the kind of deep stuff, tutorials, collaborations and lessons we’ll be updating this year.

We’re also working out a very innovative experience custom made for our unique clients.

So you can go ahead and expect a whole new satisfying experience from us as we join us to make 2018 remarkable for the #winnersnation.

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