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Learn how to create engaging content that delivers consistent results

Earn a certification in Content Marketing, Begin to create Outstanding Content for Brands and Start Earning as a Professional Content Marketer

Do you want to learn Content Marketing online? This certification course will give you an overview of how to become an effective content marketer. You will learn key skills through a range of practical techniques including: group and personal projects, case studies, role plays and simulations.

How the Smart Content College works

Learning digital marketing online at Win Media Academy affords you the opportunity to learn from tutors with years of experience in Content Marketing and you will be tutored, based on real life examples and extensive years of experience.
Our Content Marketing Training affords you the opportunity to ask questions and interact with your tutors one-on-one and this will give you an invaluable insight for your own career progression in content marketing and related fields.
At Win Media Academy, we are passionate about training aspiring content marketers on smart content marketing skills that will create effective Content Marketing Results for their businesses.

The following are our popular Content Marketing Course packages;

Content Marketing Course packages

bLOGGING & content writng

Introduces learners to the business of blogging, writing for the web, digital platforms and CMS like WordPress & Medium and how to us blogging to promote a business


Introduces learners to content marketing including how to create effective content that delivers all ROIs, including how to earn as a content marketer

advanced content marketing

Introduces learners to branding & voice development, how use SEO for content, using storytelling to drive improved results & build thought leadership

Basic Content Marketing Course

The Basic Content Marketing Course is our introductory course for our content marketing training at Win Media Academy. It is targeted at beginners and other Content Marketers newly introduced to Content Marketing.
This basic module covers themes that introduces learners to Content Marketing including other topics, focused on understanding writing for the web and helping learners understand and create their own digital content.
 4 Weeks.

Key Learning Areas:

Blogging, Writing for the web and Writing for Social Media.
The entire training for the Basic Content Marketing Course will be divided into the following modules;
Introduction, Content creation, Content Optimization, Content Management, Content Distribution, Content Marketing Metrics, Content Marketing Strategy, Challenges of Content Marketing.

Advanced Content Marketing Course

The Advanced Content Marketing Class is the second part of the our content training course. It is suitable for students with the basic Content Marketing Experience.

At this level, we take you beyond the basics of Content Marketing to a more intense combination of lectures, with hands on practical experience.


Our advanced Content Marketing Course basically features the following Modules:
Branding: How to know your audience, find your voice and create a niche, How to generate Content Ideas, Thought Leadership, Search Engine Optimization: How to write Search Optimized Content, How to write Content that will Connect with your audience

The Advanced Content Marketing Course is highly practical oriented and students are awarded scores and certificates, based on their effort.

Duration: 8 Weeks

What you will learn:

Upon completing this course, you will learn the following:
The basics of Content Marketing, Evolve pragmatic Content Marketing Strategy that will help you drive traffic, engagement and sales
How to create a Content Framework for producing effective content that drives clear results on a consistent basis.
How to create, publish and repurpose content that both humans and search engines love.
How to become a more strategic content marketer thus being able to create content that connects with your audience.
How to develop a powerful brand story, tell your story through your content and create a powerful tribe through your Content Marketing.
How to develop, implement and measure an effective Content Marketing Strategy.

Learn the Business of Blogging with our Blog Mastery Course

The blog Mastery Course

Do you want to learn how to become a blogger in Nigeria or any part of the world?
The blog mastery course is a fully loaded Content Marketing and Blogging course, focused on helping you attend mastery in blogging and Content Management Systems.
 4 Weeks

The blog mastery course is divided into the following Modules:

Introduction to Blogging, Branding, Understanding WordPress, Blogging and Social Media
At the end of the Blog Mastery Course, you’ll learn how to find your blogging niche, publish your first post, and create blogging systems that work.

Further Training Details

Classification: Batch C

Commencement Date: 16th May, 2023.

Venue: St. Finbarrs Road, Akoka-Yaba, Lagos.

Training Fees: NGN 39,999.00

Lecture Days: Tuesdays to Friday, 11am-2pm

Lecture Delivery Mode: Physical & Online Training

Learning Requirement: A decent laptop with at least 2.8 GHz for CPU, 8GB RAM and a screen resolution of 1366×768

Gain practical skills on Content Design, Content Strategy and content marketing combined

When you join our content Marketing Training at the Smart Content College, you will learn practical Content Marketing as we take you through the journey, right from finding a niche, creating a profitable audience to Developing a Content Marketing Strategy that will help you connect with your audience and drive results for your Content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to undergo all three courses?
You can subscribe for all three courses at a discounted price. But if you’re already proficient in other areas then you can chose one out of the three courses or the courses you’ll prefer based on your needs.
Are there certifications?
Yes, there are certifications for courses, based on your performance.
Are there examinations?

There are no examinations but hands on practical test based sessions where you’ll be awarded scores.

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