There are two kinds of content marketers and bloggers. One is a content marketer that writes content. The other is a content marketer that creates content that drives results.

At the smart blogging college, we understand that everyone can create content but, only few people create contents that generate specific results…

That’s why we’re focused on teaching you how to write content that connects and engages with your audience in exciting ways that will help you achieve powerful results.

From defining your niche, Writing Great content and Making money from your blog, Smart Blogging College teaches you everything you need to learn about Blogging and Creating online content.

You see, you can tell yourself, hey Victor, I’ve been posting on Facebook for years now so I’ll just go and start posting as usual on my blog…

The thing is, content marketing and blogging is quite different. This is because while everyone can create contents on Facebook, only informed content marketers can really create content that will generate specific outcomes.

This is exactly where Smart Blogging College comes in. When you join the Smart Blogging College, we take you through the journey, right from finding a blogging niche, creating a profitable audience to developing a content marketing strategy that will help you connect with your audience and drive results for your blog.

These are areas we specifically focus on in the Smart Blogging College:

1. Writing Online. Here, as a certified content marketer, i will teach you everything about writing online. Things like:

  • How to find your audience,
  • How to develop a content marketing strategy that works,
  • How to configure your blog posts to suit your audience,
  • How to write posts that will be found on the internet easily,
  • How to write and convince your audience and how to write posts that people will want to read.

2. Finding your voice. At the Smart Blogging College, we help you find your voice and flair…

With this, you’ll not only be blogging in a way that is very unique to you, as a storyteller, you’ll find a convenient angle to tell the story your audience will love.

3. Building a sustainable brand. As a Content Marketer and Blogger, one thing that will make you unique is the brand you create for yourself.

At the Smart Blogging College we help you create a unique brand, based on a combination of things unique to you and what you really want to project to your audience.

4. Social Media Strategies. At Smart Blogging College, we believe that your Social Media growth is very important for your brand this is why as part of our Package, we give you smart strategies that will fix your social media and help you grow your social media platforms and your blog.

5. Web Design and setting up your website. When you join the Smart Blogging College as content marketer, we will design and set up a website for you.

With this, you’ll be practicing every single lecture as you learn it. This will make it very easy for you to understand it all in a very short time.

6. Growing your audience. As a student of the smart blogging college, you will be given strategies that will help you grow and expand your influence both as a blogger and internet entrepreneur.

How does it work?

Our Smart Blogging Program comes in three packages which holds for 4, 6 and 10 weeks.

Smart Blogger. This course lasts for four weeks. It takes you on the basics about Understanding WordPress, Writing Online, Finding a voice and a niche to match.

Advanced Blogger. The advanced blogger course lasts for 6 weeks. As a participant of this course, i will take you through Branding, Search Engine Optimisation SEO, Link Building, Audience Gathering, Social media strategies.

Expert Blogger. This program lasts for 10 weeks. It’s the longest program in duration and after the course when you’ve passed the required test, you’ll receive a certificate of achievement as a Pro Blogger.

Here, I’ll teach you how to create blogging systems that work. How to convert your audience, how to build a tribe, how to monetize your blog, including how you can further expand your blog and grow your influence.

As a participant in the Smart Blogging College you’re entitled to a free blog for practical purposes not withstanding the program you’ve subscribed for.