Website Maintenance Services

Enjoy excellent web Management services at affordable rates 

Looking for website maintenance services that will manage your website on your behalf?

We understand that getting your website up to date with the latest content, tech infrastructures and plugins can be quite tasking requiring a lot of time, technical expertise and a good understanding of your website and the development platform.

As a leading website maintenance services agency in Nigeria, we leverage our extensive experience and expertise to manage websites for businesses and individuals around the world.

Our website management package is targeted at helping busy entrepreneurs and website owners to manage and promote their website in a way that leads to extensive business growth.

Depending on the website management package you subscribe to, our team of experts web masters will work round the clock to manage your website on your behalf, update your website infrastructure and provide technical support, including periodic website maintenance as deem necessary.

Website Maintenance Packages

All Our website management and maintenance packages takes care of your Website Updates and Maintenance, Technical Fixes, Content Management, Website Security, Website Backup, Technical Support

Website Management Cost in Nigeria

As one of the top web maintenance agencies in Nigeria, we are focused on keeping your websites updated and accessible to your clients at very affordable rates. The following are our website maintenance packages

Standard Package

 Our Standard Website Management Package is the most popular of the two packages. It is suitable for Small Businesses and Personal Websites. It covers the most important part of website maintenance. It takes care of the following; Website Updates and full maintenance services, Plugin and Software testing, Website Security Updates, Periodic Backup on 3rd party platform, Technical Support for live website

Premium Package

The premium package includes all the web maintenance services in the Standard Package. It also includes Content Management and Review Services. It is suitable for SMEs, e-Commerce websites, Corporate Websites etc. It takes care of the following; Content Development and minor Design updates, Periodical Review of Content, Web Analytics, Content Update of at least one post per week, Content Sharing on social media, Uptime monitoring

Why Choose Us For Your Website Management Services?

With over 5 years’ experience in Web Development, we offer excellent Web Management services to clients at affordable rates.
We have a dedicated team of well trained experts capable of managing your websites and blogs, updating content and taking care of all technical support you would need.
We provide tailor made content and blog posts for your audience at specific intervals, depending on the website management package you choose
Depending on your preferred package, we work in collaboration with your web host to provide excellent technical assistance services for your website.
We have the expertise, dedication and experience you need to grow your website with us.
With years of expertise in content management, we make free review of your website content and SEO strategy while giving you expert suggestions on strategies that will drive growth both for your business and your website.

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