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As a writer with 4 plus years experience, my work has been featured in both online and offline media.

I started out blogging in 2012 with my Nokia 2630. It wasn’t an easy job.

Talk about designing the site from the scratch, i had no idea what to do. I decided to start something. I taught myself stuff about designing then i began to try out what i learned with my very first blog.

It was a matter of trial and error at first. There were days I was the designer, writer and reader. I remember more than a dozen times, I wanted quits. No one read my blog. I felt this wasn’t for me.

Reluctantly, I went on to build my second and third WordPress website. But there was wasn’t much difference.

Three years later i had what I’d call the big break. I went from less than 100 visitors to build a website with over 1000 daily visitors under 4 months.

Would you like this experience? I can make it happen for you too.

I wrote my first printed book in 2012. Everyone told me how the book was bound to be a success. Later, I was charged 50,000 Naira for publishing 500 copies. I didn’t have money. Did everything to raise money but I couldn’t. I dumped the book. Each time I remember this, I Feel sad.

Two years later, I published my first book on Amazon. After publishing my first book online in 2014, I was booked for interview on Epis and Teg radio France.

Again do you want to create such experience? I can help you edit, tweak your manuscript to industry standard and get you published in a matter of days.

You want to secure your customers and earn more writing on your blog?

I have done that for people again and again right on this website. From web contents to content strategy and branding for new blogs, I have done awesome stuff for my awesome clients.

See what one of my clients said below.

My encounter with Victor was through his blog at victorwinners.com, before contacting him i had already ordered the service of a Writer from Fiverr. But after reading through his blog the contents on it convinced me of his credibility, then to prove himself further he delivered something awesome, which makes him a truly competent content strategist.
Tiscap Taiwo.
Founder, CreativeSparky.net.

Let me leverage my 4 years experience to help you on your writing journey, blogging and marketing journey.

What will you get when i help you?

Quality Service.
I don’t only deliver job on time, I painstakingly give my clients 99.99 percent satisfaction. This is not a mere promise it’s part of my core values as a professional.

Unique Selling proposition.
My philosophy is that every writer deserves more. Because of this, I place so much premium on giving my clients this additional feeling of satisfaction. That’s why above all things, I go the extra mile to deliver additional value like consulting for clients in some areas beyond the scope of their work, free of charge.

You’re still not convinced?  Below are 6 top reasons why you will want me to help you.

You’re a writer. More than that, you want to expand your influence and then earn more from your craft. Because you deserve more actually.

You need a website/blog. Like a formal online office, you need something more than a social media account. You need a space so you can present yourself as a thought leader in your field.

You want to write better. You’re not yet satisfied with where you are as a writer. You want to write better content. Especially contents that will accentuate your brand image. You need content strategies that will reflect your brand message.

You want to create a better brand as a writer. To find out what’s best for you, and your writing business so you can project it to the world.

You need someone who is committed to your writing goals. Someone who will painstakingly tweak your stuff until you get exactly what you want.

You have a dream, to change the world with words. This is the most important reason you want me to help you. Because not only do we both have same dreams, i have waked the talk. Yes.

Because i have an excellent track record of over 300 web contents, articles and blog posts in different websites, blogs and print media in under my belt.

Because i have influenced over 375,000 people in 126 countries of the world with over 4 years writing and blogging and i can help you get the same result.

So what are you waiting for?

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