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how to promote your brand using your website
It’s an open secret! One of the most powerful ways to gain visibility, grow your audience and promote your personal […]
Factors to consider when building your website
So, you’re building a new website? Well, one of the goals of every brand is to build a website that’ll […]
Why your website is slow and how to fix it (1)
Do you have a slow loading website and you’re wondering how it’s affecting your business? This is how it does… […]
How to create a better user experience for your users
User experience (UX) is the way a person feels, after they interact with a particular brand, product or platform. It […]
9 top pages every website must have
What are the important pages i should have on my website? If you’re a new website owner, you’ve probably asked […]
mistakes to avoid when setting up a website
So you’re ready to get your new website and you’ve been wondering if there’s any thing to avoid so you […]
I’m beginning to think writing is one of the most creative and craziest craft out there. Seriously. As a writer, […]
Hey howdy, Today’s post is for everyone who’s been asking me, hey Victor, why does my business need a website? […]
This is my first in the series of posts like this, about how you can use Information communication technology to […]
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Victor Winners

Award winning Blogger, Author, Web Developer, Senior Digital Strategist and Founder of Africa's most widely read blog on Content Marketing and Digital Strategy, VictorWinners.Com.Named as one of the top 50 design influencers globally, since 2014; Victor Winners has helped over 2 million readers to understand and use digital technology to transform their lives and businesses.

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