How to create a better user experience for your users
User experience (UX) is the way a person feels, after they interact with a particular brand, product or platform. It […]
9 top pages every website must have
What are the important pages i should have on my website? If you’re a new website owner, you’ve probably asked […]
mistakes to avoid when setting up a website
So you’re ready to get your new website and you’ve been wondering if there’s any thing to avoid so you […]
I’m beginning to think writing is one of the most creative and craziest craft out there. Seriously. As a writer, […]
Hey howdy, Today’s post is for everyone who’s been asking me, hey Victor, why does my business need a website? […]
This is my first in the series of posts like this, about how you can use Information communication technology to […]
I’m beginning to think. Okay. I’m not thinking. It’s a fact, writing is one of the most creative and craziest […]
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