things to consider before publishing on Amazon
Are you a Nigerian or African author aspiring to publish your book on Amazon? Actually, publishing on Amazon is a […]
How to promote your book online
Usually, writing and publishing a successful book requires lots of effort, time and money from authors. But as a self […]
How to format an ebook for publishing
Amazon KDP is one of the preferred publishing platform when it comes to online publishing. Publishing on the platform allows […]
Top online publishing platforms in Nigeria
As an aspiring self published author, one of the first things you’ll have to do before publishing online is to […]
Self-Publishing in Nigeria
Writing and self-publishing a best selling book online is a bit different from publishing a best seller offline. This is […]
How to publish a best selling book online
One of the biggest dreams of every successful writer is to write and publish a book that will sell beyond […]
How to publish an ebook on Amazon- Complete Guide
Being a published author is not just a source of fulfillment, it marks a turning point for so many people […]
So have you’ve been thinking about becoming a published author? What if i told you there are young entrepreneurs like […]
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