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things to consider before publishing on Amazon
Although self-publishing has provided an avenue for millions of writers to publish their books, regardless of their location, status or […]
Essential things to do before publishing a book
Publishing a book is a very significant journey for you as an author. It is an important accomplishment that places […]
Strategies to grow your audience as an author
As someone aspiring to build a successful writing career, one of the best advice you’ll get from anywhere is to […]
How to promote your book on Amazon
Writing and publishing a book requires lots of effort, time and money but understanding the strategies to promote your book […]
Ingredients of a best selling book
Have you ever wondered about the secret ingredient that’s turned ordinary collection of words, phrases and bland stories into top […]
How to write a Best Selling Book Online
Have you ever thought about writing a best selling book that will sell beyond your circle of friends, family members […]
How to Become an Author-The Complete Guide
So, you want to become an author? Many years ago, I was exactly in your shoes and I remember exactly […]
How to format an ebook for publishing
You just finished writing your book and you’re thinking of ways to format your book for Amazon Publishing? As you’d […]
7 Easy Steps to Write and Publish a Book
A lot of people want to write and publish a book. Whether it’s just a single book or a collection […]
Top online publishing platforms in Nigeria
As an aspiring self published author, one of the first things you’ll have to do before publishing online is to […]
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