How to promote your book online

Usually, writing and publishing a successful book requires lots of effort, time and money from authors.

But as a self published author, even after publishing your book, you still have to work your way around to promote it.

Of course! Ordinarily, your book is supposed to start selling automatically on Amazon after you’ve used the right keywords in your Content meta, Description, Titles and subtitles etc.

But, unless you’re a Stephen King, Oprah Winfrey, or J.K Rowling then you’ll still have to do the background work to promote your books else it might as well get dusty on the Amazon shelves.

The reason for this is because there’s too much competition out there.

On a daily basis, lots and lots of books are published on Amazon and most times, these authors are in the look out for attention to their books just the same way you are.

So usually; with self publishing, the author with the best strategies wins the day.

That’s why you don’t just have to be interested in promoting and increasing your book sales, you also have to be very strategic about that.

Now, the following are the 7 key strategies you can use in promoting your book on Amazon.

Enrol in KDP Select

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing has made it easy for authors to promote their books without lifting a finger.

Usually, the fact you’re a published author on Amazon makes you eligible to enroll your book in the KDP Select program.

The KDP Select in turn allows Amazon to promote your book across it’s platform especially to it’s subscribers.

Below are some of the benefits you stand to gain when you enroll your book in Amazon KDP Select…

Kindle Unlimited

With Kindle Unlimited, your book gets promoted to KU subscribers and you’re paid based on the number of pages or times your book is read. (Read more about KU here).

Kindle Countdown Deals

For one week in each 90 day period, you can discount your book by putting it in a count down deal. With this you still earn up to 70% royalty even if your book is priced below 2.99 USD, during the countdown.

Kindle Free Promotions

As part of the benefits of enrolling in KDP Select, you have 5 days free book promotion within every 90 days. During this promotion, your book will appear in Amazon Deals Page, giving you some more publicity in the process.

Kindle Owners’ Lending Library (KOLL)

Just like Kindle Unlimited, Kindle Owners’ Lending Library allow authors to earn a fee whenever their book is read via the KOLL program.

Like i mentioned earlier, as a rule; in return for this FREE promotion, you give Amazon the exclusive right to manage and sell your book.

This means that as soon as you enroll on the KDP Select program, you lose the right to sell your book on any other platform (not even your website) within 90 days, or as long as your book is enrolled in the program.

While this might sound creepy and unrewarding, a lot of authors have benefitted from the KDP Select program. At the same time, so many have counted their loss.

In a nutshell, the KDP Select program has a handful of benefit for your book. For instance, it allows you to key into the Amazon discount programs and Free book promotion among other things.

But at the same time, you want to have a critical look at the options available before you, the gains you stand to make and the cons before enrolling your book on KDP Select.

You also have to note that as soon as you’re enrolled on KDP Select, your book cannot be removed from the program until after 90 days.

Set your ebook for Pre-Order

Amazon pre-order, allows you to update your new eBook details and make the book available for customers to pre-order even before it gets released.

Although this is currently unavailable for paperbacks, you can make your new ebook available for up to a year before the final release of the book.

During this period, your ebook will be available for pre-orders before the set publish date. And you can always make changes to your book’s content until the dateline.

Within this period also, you can work on promoting and getting people to pre-order your book as the more people get to order it, the more the book gets a better ranking upon publication.

Personally, I believe this is a good strategy you can use to get the noise out for your book while putting the book together.

It is also one of the strategies you can use to work your way to the Amazon best sellers’ lists, after the book finally gets published.

Sell at limited Discount

If you’re already enrolled in the KDP Select program, you can use the Kindle Countdown deals to promote your book at a discount.

With the count down deals, Amazon offers you about 7 days to sell your book at a discounted price to your audience.

Unlike the ordinary KDP where you’d earn 35% royalty for books sold below 2.99 Dollars, the KDP Select allows you to still earn up to 70% royalty for all sales made within this period.

Such promotions like this can help you slice down the selling price of your book in order to attract customer and boost sales.

It can also give you access to generate the data that can help you predict the accurate price your book is sold for, based on the amount the majority of people are buying it.

Opt in for Free book promotion

All books enrolled in the KDP Select program are eligible for the Amazon free book promotion.

The free book promotion allows you to set your books to be read and downloaded for free, over a 5 day period within every 90 day of your enrollment in KDP Select.

While this can generate a lot of publicity for the book, it may also have it’s own disadvantages which you have to watch out for.

After your set period of free promotion is over, your books will be sold at the original list price.

Use social media Marketing

Social media Marketing is one of the biggest strategy you can use in marketing and promoting your book. Especially if you have a very engaged and loyal audience.

From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, the influence of social media in marketing and promotions cannot be over emphasized.

You can key into this, to promote your book. Either through the use of your own content or with the help of social media influencers.

Note that if you’re enrolled on the KDP Select program, you are not allowed to sell your books directly from your social media instead you’re encouraged to promote the links to your books on Amazon, via the social media.

Use paid Ads

Paid advertising is another strategy you can use drive sales to your Amazon published books.

In order to promote your book via paid ads, you can decide to use the social media paid ad, search engine ads or the digital publishers paid ads, in this case, Amazon paid ads.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that a lot of authors prefer using the social media and to some extent, the Amazon paid ads over search engine ads.

Before deciding to use paid ads for your books, you should consider the cost (which might be prohibitive in some cases), the impact and the overall returns on investment.

Do not choose to engage in paid ads promotion or use a particular kind of promotion services just because other authors are doing it. Do your research and make some findings before embarking on this kind of promotions.

Use Guest Blogging

Besides the other strategy listed above, guest blogging is another essential strategy to promote your book, sell your brand and expand your audience as an author.

Compared to the others, this is one of the most rewarding promotional strategies, with long lasting effect both for your book and your audience.

And comparatively, it is also one of the hardest strategy you can use to promote your book.

To get your way around this easily, you can develop a good relationship with bloggers or other influencers with large platforms.

With this relationship, you can get to write original content for their platforms, request for interviews and get special features.

If you have a lot of funds to spend, you can even get paid features where the free ones are difficult to pull through.

In conclusions, I want you to realize that it is very important to generate some decent number of sales and reviews for your book, during the first few weeks of publishing on Amazon.

It helps a lot in your book’s rating and Amazon SEO. The more people buy and review your book, the better your chances of getting the book seen by even more people.

This is part of the reasons you need to pay attention to promoting your book as soon as it is published.

Of course, these book promotion strategies are not exhaustive but they will help a lot in getting the word out for your book, if you get to use them.

Should you need further strategies, you can get to work with us to promote your book.

Meanwhile, to get optimum results from these strategies, it is very important you bring into perspective, the cost implications, your target audience and the overall benefit of a particular promotion strategy before getting to use it.

Now, it’s over to you! Which of these strategies are you going to implement to promote your book?

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