How to promote your content and drive traffic online

One of the biggest steps you’ll take after creating content is to promote the content.

The reason behind this is not far fetched…

You put in so much time and energy to create your content, and after all this work, one of your best rewards would be to get more people to read and view the content.

However, for this to happen; you need to promote the content so you can get more views and also drive traffic back to your blog.

Indeed, content promotion is a very important aspect of content marketing. But unfortunately, a lot of creators do not see it this way.

And for some reasons, a good number of creators that understand the importance of content promotion are still not even doing it right.

So, as a content creator, which of this categories do you fall in?

Do you even realize that content promotion is very important to the success of your content and your career as a creator?

And even if you do, are you getting the right results with your content promotion strategies?

Of course, I want you to honestly answer this question yourself but while you’re at it, I’ll be sharing with you below, the 7 important strategies you can use to promote your content.

Trust me it doesn’t really matter whether you’re creating content for a book, social media or your blog. This strategies will work for you if you decide to apply them where it fits…

Engage in Social Media Marketing

As a content creator, unless you’re living in the stone age (which is not possible), you probably know that the social media is one of the biggest places to promote your content.

One big reason for this is because social media already has the existing platform and audience you need.

So, as a creator, you can always plug in to share your content with this audience at any time.

If you happen to create content solely on the social media like Facebook for instance, you may be wondering, how can I still promote my content on social media since the social media is my primary platform?

Here’s what it is… To make your content promotional effort more effective for you as a social media content creator, work on sharing your content on your primary social media along side other social media platforms or across niche sub groups.

How to promote Content on Social Media

A lot of creators have made the mistake of sharing only links to their content on their social media platforms.

Thing is, this strategy does not work. There’s just about too many content on the social media and to create real impact with yours, you need to really stand out.

So, sharing a blank link without any context does not only look spammy, it is offensive to both social media algorithms and your target audience.

Beyond sharing links, if you want to effectively promote your content, you want to add context to the post and then create a compelling description that will encourage your target audience to click through and view it.

Also, by all means, do not only share the links to your content. Find out time to create other valuable content devoid of links.

From time to time, interact with your followers or audience and their own content. And find ways to promote their stuff too.

Use Forums and Groups

On platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn etc, there are a lot of sub groups with shared interests.

So, if you’re creating content about music for instance, you can find a sub group within the music niche, understudy it and promote your content across the group, provided it’s allowed.

Doing this helps you in getting the content across to the right audience. And provided your content is good enough, you’ll always get better results for your content promotional effort.

PS: Remember, for this to work really well, you also need to be active on these groups.

You want to interact with other group users, promote and like their own posts and also connect with them.

Promote Across Web 2.0 Platforms

Beyond sharing your content on your blog or primary platform, there are a lot of other platforms you can also share them to create back links and reach a better audience.

One of those platforms are the web 2.0 websites. Web 2.0 platforms are web platforms that allow users to create and share their own content.

So, beyond your website you can use platforms like Medium,, Blogspot etc, to curate and share your content.

For this to work, you don’t want to share the post on these platforms immediately after you publish them…

You want to give it some time maybe like a month then afterwards, you can recreate the post on these other platforms and then share a link to the main post on your primary platform.

Alternatively, for me while working with some clients, instead of sharing the original content verbatim…

I may choose to create a different story line similar to the original content in a way that will add value to their audience and then share it with links to the original content.

Over the years, this strategy has worked for me in adding a new dimension and some freshness to an already existing content thus leading to a fresh traffic both from the search engine and through the linked sites.

Partner with Influencers

I want to go straight to the point here. Niche influencers make up a good chunk of people that can do a lot in promoting your content to their audience.

There are two ways to partner with influencers to promote your content. One of the ways is to directly ask them to promote your links or include a link to from your content to a relevant content on their website. I get this a lot.

The other strategy is to write a guest post on their blog.

The first strategy does not get to work most often unless you already have a good relationship with the influencer.

On the other hand, the second strategy has recorded loads of success especially where it involves a website that is opened to guest posting.

Engage in Strategic Content Curation

Content curation is about finding valuable content and presenting it to your social media audience in a way that will add value to them.

Usually, content curation involves a lot of using other people’s content. But, that rule is not cut out in stone.

Since you’re already creating a highly valuable content, instead of using other people’s content alone as part of your content curation effort to promote your content, you can also choose to add up lots of your own content.

From time to time, pull out your old content, create a compelling description and share them with your audience.

To spice things up, you can also add content from other creators and sources.

While curation might not get you millions of traffic back to your website, it can bring back the life to your old content, keeping it fresh on search engines.

And the goodwill you create by promoting other people’s content might also be rewarded by those other creators whose content you curate. And in turn they may get to add your own content to their curated content list.

Use Email Marketing

As a content promotion alternative, the good old email marketing is still not out of shape. Yes, a lot of creators are still using email marketing to get their content out to more viewers.

If you want to use email marketing to promote your content effectively, you need to have a good email list. And some good copy writing skills.

Where you don’t have either of this, you can always collaborate with other creators that have them or pay up for the services that provide targeted email addresses.

Engage in Paid Content Promotion

There are a lot of ways to get paid promotion for your content.

Starting with social media, with some token, you can pay up social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc to promote your content.

Beyond the social media, there’s also paid promotion options on Google via Google Ad and the other search engines.

And there’s also the option of getting paid promotion from popular websites in your niche.

For paid content promotion to work, you need to have the right budget and you also have to be able to target the right kind of audience.

So, you want to measure out this before getting started.

Final Words

As you just read here, promoting your content to get more views is very important to the success of your platform as a creator, so there’s need to pay attention to this aspect of your content marketing if you’re not doing that already.

Also, whether you’re a new blogger or a well established content creator, there are still a lot of strategies you can use to promote your content effectively and drive traffic back to your website.

You may not necessarily have to use the whole seven strategies listed here, at the same time but there are specific content promotion strategies you can choose from the list here. I want you to focus on these ones.

And should you need any professional help while promoting your content, you can always hire us to evolve an effective promotional strategy for your content, just as we’ve been doing for others.

So, now it’s over to you. Are you currently facing any challenge when it comes to creating an effective promotional strategy for your content? Let’s hear you!

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