How to create content that connects with your audience

Creating content that connects and inspires your audience is one of the major goals of content marketing.

Without that emotional connection, it is very difficult to get your audience to take action after reading your content.

This is one of the first things every content marketer needs to know. Because emotions is what moves people to buy.

But, I didn’t realize this in time.

In fact, I didn’t realize people can easily connect with some kind of content from a place of empathy until that day I first wrote out my heart on a piece of sheet.

Trust me, this wasn’t intentional at all. Although I don’t want to say it was an accident. It was the only thing I got left with to do at that point in time.

I was going through a lot. Yet, I couldn’t bring myself to talk to anyone. So, I decided to get it off my chest by writing about it.

Yes, I was a complete novice. Initially, I wasn’t interested in publishing it. I was not proud of the write up. That was just me jabbering my pain away in a book and ink.

But, as I wrote down those words, I felt like a huge burden was being taken off my chest while I conversed with a friend who wouldn’t judge me-my writing pad.

Somehow, I later found some courage to share the write up… And when I eventually did, surprisingly; a lot of people connected with the story. With some mentioning that it felt like I was telling their story.

Sincerely, this connection wasn’t what I intended to create at all. I saw it as a coincidence. But that article was from my heart.

That frankly, was one of the first experiences that shaped my journey as a content creator.

Have you ever created a similar experience with your audience?

Like I noted earlier, as content marketers, one of our primary responsibilities is to create content our audience can relate with. This is the easiest way to get them to take action after coming in contact with your post.

Without that, you may be wasting your time

So, how can I create emotional connections that will lead to more patronage from your audience using content marketing you ask?

In the following paragraphs, I’ll be sharing with you fireproof strategies that has worked for many other marketers, including myself…

Know your Audience

The first step to create content that connects is to know your audience.

Without knowing about the people that are going to consume your content, there’s no way you can create content that will make sense to them.

So, before you get started creating your content, you need to find out, who are my target audience. And what is the kind of content that makes sense to them?

This knowledge is very important.

Forget about the fact that in the opening story I shared I didn’t mention anything about understudying my audience or what matters to them.

That they were able to connect and relate to that content was pure luck from my end. And such luck doesn’t happen all the time.

So, in your own case, you don’t want to wait on luck. You want to know your audience from the get goes.

Read this post here to learn how to identify your audience.

Identify their Needs

Now that you already know your audience, the next step to create content that connects with them is to know what matters to this people.

Find out, what are their needs? What do they want and how can I proffer for this needs with my content.

The reason you need to fix this is because people are moved by personal interest. Your audience are not exempted. They will only connect with your content if and only if they can relate to it.

So, find out what they can relate with.

To do this, you can begin with finding out what your audience searches for when they use search engine platforms like Google.

Using tools like Google trends, you can find out what matters to audiences from a particular region, niche or industry.

And then furthermore, you can use a tool like Wordstream, Ubersuggest or Google Keyword tool to analyze the search volume of your proposed keywords.

This is very important.

Furthermore, you can search on popular websites in your industry. Find the content that the audience interact with the most and work on creating content closely related to that.

This post here will guide you on how to research a keyword.

Share your Story

While sharing your content, try to create that part where you get to share your personal story.

If you observed in that intro, you’ll realize the reason my audience where easily able to connect with my story was because I was able to make it personal.

In that post, I was not afraid to share my own struggle. And they were able to relate to it at a deeper level, because people connect to our stories deeply; when they can see themselves through that story.

That’s why for instance, you’ll easily buy a pink beautiful dress for your cancer patient mom because the marketer selling it had shared a story of how the only thing she could give her mom that died from cancer before she passed on was a beautiful pink dress she bought for her. And that dress looks exactly like the one she is trying to sell to you.

And most times, you’re buying this dress not because you need it, but because you can relate to that story at a deeper level.

This is the same experience you want to create with your content. Find experiences, ideas and ways to make them connect.

Remember, this doesn’t mean you should talk about yourself and all unfortunate events alone throughout the content.

There are ways you can make the content all about your audience while still creating that spot to showcase your vulnerabilities (or struggles) in a way they can relate with you.

Optimize for SEO

Before anyone can ever get to connect with your content, they have to read the content.

And your content does not just appear on the search engine on its own. For your content to be visible, you need to optimize it for the search engine.

What this means is that you’ll have to use the right marketing strategies to create your content in a way that will make it easily visible on the search engine.

These strategies can include things like using the right keywords at strategic locations in your post, optimizing using proper title and meta tags and then doing everything possible to get backlinks to your content.

Done well, these strategies will improve your chances of your content being visible on the search engine. And the more it’s visible, the easier people get to read and possibly connect with it.

I recently created this post on how to optimize your content for SEO. Read it up to have a better understanding.

Be Intentional about Content Creation

To get people to connect with your content, you need to be very intentional about how you create that content.

Consider you’re about buying some T-shirts. The seller tells you, T-shirt A is one of the best designers T-shirt of the year. It is durable, long lasting and can be washed as many times as you want without losing colors.

For T-shirts B he says. This is not the most exceptional but it’s one of our most special T-shirts. Because this is exactly the same T-shirt worn by Ronaldo, the day he was awarded as the world’s best footballer in the world…

The seller goes further to tell you that on that award giving day, when asked by journalists why he chose to wear a T-shirt Ronaldo said that the T-shirt was very special to him because it was given to him by his mom when he was first signed to a club…

And on the day she gave Ronaldo the T-shirt, she told him that there’s nothing on earth he can not achieve if he really desires so in his heart.

Now tell me if you were to come across these two scenarios, which of the T-shirt would you choose?

I’m sure you’ll most likely go for T-shirt B. Either because you really love Ronaldo or because you can connect with his story.

So this is also what goes on in your client’s mind. After consuming your content. And that of your competition. They will stick with a brand they can relate with.

Yes! So you’ll have to be more focused on creating a common ground with your content…

Instead of saying how can I create content of 1,500 words you’ll be saying how can I create content that will make my readers feel like I am really telling a story of their life?

That’s what it is! It’s easier to convince someone who can relate to your story to buy from you.

So more than anything, instead of striving to come out perfect with your content, focus on giving your client an experience they can connect with.

Show Sincerity

Sincerity goes a long way in building trust and making you more likable by your target audience.

These two things, Trust and Likability breaks any resistance your audience would easily have towards you and your message, making you more likely to inspire them to take certain action.

In the online world, people buy from who they can feel some semblance of trust. No one buys based on logic alone.

So, you need to create that emotional connection and reputation by making them come to trust you and see your sincerity through your content.

In an online world where people claim to be who they are not, instead of following the bandwagon, create your own peculiarity and stand out.

Be honest and sincere with your audience through your posts. It helps them to like and trust you both as a brand and a creator.

Remember; as digital consumers, we buy from people and companies we can relate with. Companies we can create emotional connections with.

This is what guides our judgement, Emotional connections. Because people don’t buy with logic. They buy based on emotions and justify it with logic much later.

Promote your Content

Content promotion is one of the easiest ways to get more visibility and subsequently, more readers that can get to connect with your content.

If you’re a new blogger or new content creator with a new blog, promotions can come in very handy in getting you new readers for your posts.

Pay a lot of attention to it.

As an old content creator, content promotion can also expose your content to new readers and thus making it possible for more people to connect with your posts.


Beyond these strategies here, do not just create content, try to use powerful descriptive adjectives and compelling words in your stories. This will amplify the effect of your content.

Also, do not focus on talking about whatever you’re creating your content about alone. Share your experiences also. Both the good and the ugly ones respectively.

Remember, this is not something you can learn in a day so do not get too hard on yourself if you fail to create results in a few possible days.

Focus on consistently and intentionally creating content that your audience can connect with. This will help you effectively.

So, right here you just read about the strategies to create powerful content your audience can connect with. The question is, will you take a step today to create this kind of content and change the effect you make with your content forever?

If you still need further help on how to create better content, our content marketing masterclass is you need then. You can join us via this link here.

Now, it’s over to you now. What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to creating an effective content? Let’s hear you.

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