If you were around on that 30th August, you could easily have felt the deep sense of loss hanging all over the room as I sat there on the reading chair with my back against the wall.

Unlike my usual self, I was lost to everything! I didn’t notice her presence in the room until I felt a warm hug from behind me.

She placed her left hand on my shoulder as I tried hard to stop myself from sobbing.

Of course I couldn’t care less about whoever was in the apartment. I’d lost it all. So what’s more?

The moment she brought out a piece of cloth to dab my tears, I realized she had this un-shed of tears hanging from her eyes.

Seeing I’d noticed her tears, she gently squeezed my palm while rocking my back throughout the banging silence that seemed to last forever.

I didn’t know what else to do. The tears kept flowing. I’d lost it all so what’s there even if I cry like a child.

I was in this state. Those tears stung my face unhindered like a river on its course.

I was not interrupted in my sorrows until I felt the chord of connection between us two…

Then I realised what it is to have someone connect with you at your level of need.

Not long after that, I felt courage surge through my chest. Then it dawned on me that thousands have gone through this and came out stronger!

That was when I first felt the power of empathy.

If you were able to see yourself through this story, then you’re not far from understanding the concept of empathy as an individual.

You see, most people think empathy is about that familiar feeling you evolve when your best friend losts his mom because at some point you also lost yours.

Far from it!

While sympathy acknowledges your circumstances as being unfortunate, empathy does same but goes ahead to put itself into your shoes thereby helping you realise you’re not alone…

And that because other people have pulled through this, you can also get pass it.

Empathy gives you a support system to pull through stuff. Still, it (empathy) doesn’t say it, it shows you how.

And when we talk about Empathy we’re not talking about how people can get through their stuff, we’re talking about showing them the “how” because you’ve been able to “walk” through the stuff with them.

In 2018 You’re going to need a good understanding of the power of empathy as an individual or organisation…

As a writer, blogger, you’re going to need to understand what’s empathy so you can create content that connects with your audience.

As a digital entrepreneur, you’re going to have the need to walk through your client’s shoes so you can evolve the exact product they need.

Understand, Empathy is what makes your audience say things like “wow it looks like you were reading my mind! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for” (after going through your stuff).

It doesn’t matter who you are, you’ll have to utilize the power of empathy if you’re interested in creating the right experience for your clients in the new year 2018.

Because this is not only going to boost your emotional intelligence, it’s going give you the chance to help your tribe achieve the dreams they really want to achieve.

Understanding the power of empathy is going to help you build deeper and long lasting connections with your tribe.

And this is what we’re here to do.

It could be your family, colleagues, business associates, clients…

If you’re ever going to give them the right experience, you’ll need to understand the power of empathy.

Happy New Year 2018!

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