OK. So Now that you understand that content marketing is good and very effective for your business, I’m sure you’ll be interested in knowing the elements of a successful content marketing campaign.

And how to use these elements to craft content marketing strategy that works.

Now before we go about listing out these important elements of content marketing campaigns that works, we’ll have to clarify certain things…

For example, first of all, we’ll have to point out that content marketing works for different purposes differently.

Now this means there is no one size fits it all. So you can’t have an ideal content marketing strategy that’s going to work for every kind of content marketing campaigns or audience.

This means that different content marketing strategies work for different people. Different companies. And so on.

That said, although content marketing strategies are always customised to meet specific marketing needs, there are certain key elements most successful content marketing must share in common.

Important Elements of a successful content marketing

1. Research the audience. Before he sets out producing content, the content marketer has to carry out some research that will help him create the right content for the right audience.

So before writing the next blog post for instance, he’ll have to ask himself, who’s my target audience?

This question helps him understand the individuals that will be consuming that content. And with the information he gets, he’ll be able to tailor the contents to fit in with what the audience expects.

Going a bit further, if your business or content is targeted at a B2B company (That’s business marketing to other businesses) your objectives as a content marketer will be slightly different compared to a B2C company (Business marketing to consumers directly).

What this means is that your content marketing approach will be different.

Now before we proceed, there’s one thing I’ll want you to note here…

The kind of audience you have will certainly affect everything about the nature of content you’ll create.

It’s going to affect the tone you’ll use in communicating the content to the method of delivering it and the way it’s being shared.

2. What’s the goal? After understanding your audience, the next most important elements of successful content marketing is to set out the objective of your content.

This is like the basis for creating the content in the first place.
So you’ll want to ask yourself questions like, why am I doing this?
What do we want to specifically obtain with this particular effort?

You can go ahead and state purposes like getting more leads, creating exposure for your business, interacting with your customers, answering their questions etc.

When you understand the motive behind your content, you’ll be able to make sure your content answers the specific question you have in mind.

Now let me quickly add this, there’s a huge need to create a specific goal for your content.

This will help a lot in your final analysis of your content marketing effort.

It will also help you understand whether the content has been able to achieve the goal or not.

In a situation where you’re able to achieve your content marketing goals, you can find ways to achieve even better results.

And if your content doesn’t achieve the stated goals according to your analysis, you can find out what got wrong, fix it and improve with future contents.

3. Address a specific customer. One of the biggest elements of a successful content marketing is that it strategically targets a specific customer.

So before you get started, you’ll want to create a persona of the consumer of your content.

The results you got in step one above should help you. So if your consumer is a B2B company you’ll create a persona of a B2B consumer and tailor your content to be relatable to that consumer.

Creating a persona will help you a lot in driving some better outcomes for your content.

This is because with the persona, you’re supposed to not only be able to speak their language with your content but you should also be able to connect with them in a way that will make them Like, Trust and Relate with your brand in a deeper way.

Of course as we speak, people buy from folks they like and trust. So in order to create a successful content marketing, you have to target a specific audience.

4. Solve a problem: Another element of successful content marketing is the ability of the content to solve a specific problem.

Like I mentioned earlier, your content should be able to solve a specific problem if you really desire to create bubbles.

This is because highly valuable and problem solving content are the type of contents that gets shared.

People go online to search for different things. They ask questions on Google, make findings etc.

So your content should be made to answer some of this questions in a way that will help your audience come back to you.

5. Tell stories: Remember those days we read novels in school? How did you feel?

For me, whenever I read stories, it gets me glued to the screen. Distracts me from worries at the time. Makes me want to read to the end.

This is same with a content that’s filled with stories…

Telling stories through your content is a great element of successful content marketing.

It captures attention. And goes further to humanize your content.

As one of the most important elements of content marketing, telling stories ignites your consumers imaginations. Most times they begin to see themselves through your story and this increases their response and engagement with your content.

In a nutshell, your story should be able to capture the emotions of your audience. It should create both curiosity and criticism (if necessary).

Alright that’s how far we’ll go in today’s episode of the most important elements of content marketing.

As a parting shot, I want to remind you that we’re all marketing something out there… It could be on your social media handles, your blog, YouTube page etc.

And sometimes you don’t even realize it. So here’s me saying: it’s time to create content and market it purposely, in a way that will help you connect with your audience, create engagement and achieve your goals.

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