7 tips to become a successful blogger, engage your audience with story telling

People love stories.

Growing up as a teenager, one of my best pastime was reading novels.

It didn’t matter how many hours I’d stay up all night, knowing what next is happening to my favorite character was enough to get me hooked on a novel.

Have you ever wondered why you stayed up into the night watching your last favorite series? Now you know.

You see, people love stories.

Stories keep us on edge. Makes us wonder what will happen next. Good storytelling gives us reasons to ask for more from the writer.

As a blogger, a good story stirs the emotions of your reader…

Being able to have a reader connect their emotions to your content makes the content even more beneficial to them. Because it sticks. And the more it sticks, the more it becomes useful to them.

In 2019, blogging has gone beyond ordinary bland writings on the web. You can’t expect anything less in 2020.

This is why in today’s episode of how to become a successful blogger in 2020, is all about story telling.

So, unlike what we used to have before, Blogging today is about telling relatable stories people can connect with.

For instance I’m your reader and you want to teach me about how I can build a better blog…

Why not do that by wrapping the lessons around your own story of how you built a better blog yourself. Or that of someone you know or the story of another successful blogger that built a better blog and the strategies he used?

That story would not only inspire me, it will sound more real to me. And I’d be able to relate to it much more than another story that focuses on just abstract ideas.

So at the end of the day, storytelling makes your blog posts look more real, more relatable and more plausible to your audience.

On your own part as a blogger, it gives you the chance to tell your brand story through your own content.

The more your audience learn about your brand through your content, the more they Know and connect with it.

Of course this format doesn’t necessarily work for all kinds of blog post. But, no blog post is too abstract for storytelling…

The basic thing is to be able to add the human angle and make it possible for people to relate to it. That’s the whole essence of storytelling.

This connection is what’s going to build your next tribe…

In a world where people are doing more of scanning than reading, your ability to consistently bring them back to your blog will have a lot to do with your storytelling credentials.

Here’s where we’ll pause today’s episode of the 7 ways to become a successful blogger in 2020 training.

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