Why Content Marketing is Good for your Business

Before I even answer the question, I know you’ve probably heard folks say, ‘content is king’!

Well, that’s not far from the truth. And there’s no reason why it should… Because content actually is king.

And so if content is king then it should be very important for your business don’t you think?…

Before we go further anyways, I want to clear a few misconception…

Content is more than those things we put up on our blogs OK? Content is everything that helps you COMMUNICATE with your audience. From your blog posts to your audio, videos, emails and even landing pages (oh yeah)…

Those stuff are all content. And the process of getting it across to the right people in order to achieve a specified result is called Content Marketing.

So content marketing is not a big deal after all. The big deal right now is the question, is content marketing right for my business?

And here’s my answer to you…

Starting from gaining popularity, Gaining more clients to Closing more sales, there are several ways you can use content marketing to achieve your business goals.

So if you can actually use content marketing to achieve your laid out goals for your business then you will appreciate the fact that content marketing is right for your business.

Alright. Since we’ve cleared the doubt about whether content marketing is right for you or not, now I’m going to list the various ways businesses and individuals like you use content marketing to achieve their aims below…

Improved Brand Awareness

Content marketing helps you get the message about your brand out there for more people to see.

This is how it works… Whenever you create quality content on your platform, the moment your readers share it, they are not only sharing the content, they are sharing your brand, your services and that particular digital platform of yours. (that could be your blog, website, social media page or anything).

When this is done they are not only saying your stuff is worth reading, they are recommending you and your brand in the process…

They are telling their friends “hey this guy is worth listening to”. And this is another way of creating free brand awareness to an audience you’d unlikely get to reach on your own.

Indirectly Brings in New Clients

Like I’ve always said it, my biggest clients contacted me after reading one of my content.

Now this is not just about me. Most people have been able to reach out to new clients who naturally wouldn’t have heard about their businesses if not for content marketing.

This is because the more you write quality content targeted at a specific audience, the more you close the gap between your buyers and your products/services.

In essence, your content attracts them to the very thing they’ve been searching for. And this will position them towards buying from you or even recommending your stuff to their friends.

Helps you build Authority and respect in the industry

It’s natural, content marketing helps you build respect and authority in your niche.

This is because, the more your audience consume your HIGHLY VALUABLE content, the more, their perception of you and your brand in the industry improves.

With time, this improved brand perception goes further to establish your authority in the industry.

People begin to Trust your judgement and recommendations. Over time, they also pass that perception onto your products and services.

Although this might take some time to build but once you do, your audience will most likely choose you over other brands because they respect your authority, authenticity and trust the individual behind the brand.

Website Traffic

Great content brings in traffic to your site. Both from the search engine and through other channels.

Now, while this is actually one of the biggest benefit of content marketing, as an added advantage, these new visitors will most likely get to see your products and services while on your site.

Improved Search Engine Optimization

When done right, your content marketing strategy can help you reposition your website on the search engine rankings.

And this will ensure your brand gets more visibility when people are searching for it on Google or any other search engine.

This is how it works…

Google loves Fresh, Relevant and Value packed content.

This is why a blog that churns out fresh and relevant content gets indexed (crawled) by the Search Engine more often than a static website without content.

So the more relevant and recent your content is, the more likely it gets featured on the first page in Google Search, giving you the chance to be seen by more people.

Also, when you create content that’s got much value, people link to it. These links serve as a positive rating on the particular content.

And the more links you have pointing to your content, the more Google feels that that particular content and page deserves more publicity.

Now, there are so many things I’d say to help you form a good opinion whether content marketing is right for your business or not but here’s where we’ll pause today.

So just take your time, go through this again and if you have further questions, feel free to leave a comment.

Wanna read more? Come back right here. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends. You may be helping a life.

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