The number one question most entrepreneurs ask me is Victor, I don’t have traffic on my website.

Whenever I take a look at these websites, I’ll find out that most of them are updated fairly consistently.

On a normal day, you’d want to wonder, why they don’t get results even when they engage in consistent content marketing.

But on a further look, you’ll get to understand why marketers still fail generating traffic from content marketing even after putting in lots of effort and hours.

Now this is what I’m about to share with you in this post.

After reading this post you’re going to learn why content marketing fails to generate traffic to your blog and how to avoid this.

OK. So as you already know, content marketing is creating and sharing value added and consistent content in order to attract and retain a specific kind of audience so as to drive a well defined customer action.

One of these customer action could be to get readers back to your website, boost traffic, get leads, create brand awareness etc.

Most of the time, these things don’t happen. There are times when even if we write one of our best content it looks like we’re just wasting our time. Because it doesn’t get us the results.

Yes! For instance, we all know that the biggest need of every digital entrepreneur is to attract traffic to their platforms.

Whether you accept it or not. Inside of you, you need more people to visit your websites…

More eyes to see your services. And more people to buy from you.

Yes. We all desire this too. After all the major reason for being here is to provide value that will earn us value in return.

It’s sad. So many times most of us don’t achieve this dream of having more people visit our websites.

We struggle and struggle. And then find a way to just give up.

It happens. And if it’s happened to you too, you’re not an exception. Because it’s happened to me.

Before we proceed, I want to take your mind back to one thing I’ve always emphasized as regards content marketing…

That content marketing is a strategic effort directed towards a particular purpose.

With that said. I mean that each of your content is supposed to be strategically created and tied to a specific goal. And you are supposed to device a plan to achieve this goal.

Failure to do this is one reason why content marketing fails. It’s the reason most marketers produce great content yet they don’t get specific results in return.

Let’s break it down a bit.

Why content marketing fails to produce results.

The following are 7 unbelievable reasons why content marketing fails to generate traffic.

1. Inadequate planning. As a content marketer, your major job is to create outstanding content.

Now you don’t just wake up to start creating content because you feel like it.

This is what I used to do when I started. I later realized it was a complete waste of time. More like blogging aimlessly.

So as a business person you’ll have to first of all understand that this is your business. And you must take it as such.

As a part time coffee vendor for instance, you won’t wake up one day and prepare tea instead of coffee because you feel like selling tea on that day.

You sell coffee because that is what your clients know about you. And that’s the reason they buy from you.

This is the mindset you should bring into content marketing as well.

If you want to create a buzz for your blog with your content then Your content creation effort should be focused on creating the content that will be suitable for your audience.

And by doing this, you’ll have to understand your audience first.

And this gets us to the next reason why content marketing fails.

2. Producing content for the wrong audience. Just like a sugar vendor who tries to market Sugar to a diabetic patient, most marketers fail consistently because they are with the wrong audience.

Creating your content to the right audience is one of the first steps towards setting the stage for getting clients with your content.

And there’s no way you’ll market to the wrong audience and expect outstanding results. It doesn’t work.

So find out your audience. Know what they want. And tie your content marketing effort based on these needs. This will help you break the ice. Because you will be addressing their need. And they’ll definitely want to come back to your blog.

3. No content marketing strategy. Content marketing fails to generate traffic to your blog when there’s no content marketing strategy.

Now by strategy I mean the process by which you’ll market the content.

Your content marketing strategy should include things like the reason you create content, your goals for creating the content, your audience, your brand story, and the platforms you’re going to share these stories.

And you should be willing to formulate a content plan as per how you’ll write, share the content and the time these will be done.

Unfortunately, most brands don’t follow through this process…

Because it’s not only long and tiring, it’s time tasking.

4. Lack of proper marketing (promotion). Again one other major reason why content marketing fails is because there’s the issue of inadequate marketing.

So you write the content. Update it on your blog. And go back to bed. That’s all there is.

You wake up two days later, there’s less than 20 views on the post. And then you begin to wonder what’s wrong.

You see, things don’t really work that way.

As a part time business owner without the luxury of a staff, you’ll need to take your content from your blog, YouTube etc to where your audience are gathered.

Take it to them there and bring them back to your platform. That’s where the marketing and promotion comes in.

The act of writing, producing and every other thing is content.
Marketing is what completes the art of content marketing.

And this is the process of spreading and promoting your content across the social media and various platforms. This is one crucial step that brings in traffic.

5. You don’t measure effectiveness of the content. One mistake most content marketers make that leads to epic failure of content marketing is that they don’t measure what works.

I can understand most people don’t know this. In fact I didn’t know this myself. But that’s what it was.

When I started out earlier, most of my content marketing effort failed because I didn’t measure the effectiveness of my content.

You’ll find out some of your content brings in more engagements to your website than others.

Some drive in more visitors, clients, etc. It’s your duty as a smart content marketer to find out why this is so. And if possible how you can repeat the positive results.

When this is done, the analysis will help you produce more of what works for you and your audience.

6. You write boring content. One other major reason why most content marketing fails is that most bloggers produce boring stuff.

Sometimes they could even be producing high quality content. But the mode of producing it gets either too technical or too boring for the reader.

There’s this website I read that produces great content. But most of their stuff are always too bland and boring. I try to read them only when it’s very important.

This is what happens to most content creators too. People will quit reading your blog if they can’t connect with what you write.

This is why it’s always beneficial to write in an interesting way that’s suitable for your audience.

And If you find this difficult, you can join content marketing trainings where you can learn everything there is about content marketing and how to produce interesting content.

7. You don’t use the right keywords. As you know, keywords and search engine optimization are very important in helping people find your content.

Sadly most content marketers ignore search engine optimization.

Either because they don’t know how to do it. Or they just don’t care. And this is one reason content marketing fails to bring in reasonable traffic to your blog…

Because people can’t find your content when searching for it. On the internet.

You see content marketing doesn’t start and end with writing or producing great contents.

It’s your primary duty as content marketer, to make your content findable on the internet.

Now that you know the reason why content marketing fails, it is necessary to know how good content marketing works.

And the first step to engage in successful content marketing that will generate traffic for your blog is to avoid the mistakes listed out here.

Want to learn more? You can subscribe to our Smart Blogging College and become a better content marketer today.

Want to learn more? You can subscribe to our Smart Blogging College and become a better content marketer today.

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