How to add links to blog posts in 5 steps

As a blogger that plans to drive traffic, improve credibility and gain improved engagement on your blog, one of your best shot is to learn how to add links to blog posts.

This is important because getting to add links to your posts does not only get you to easily achieve all of this, it gives you the chance to provide additional value to your audience, while also building relationship with other content creators like you.

Although you may be worried about why adding links to your blog post is necessary and the best steps you can go about this, in this post you’re going to learn about that.

Why Adding Links to Blog Posts is Important

There are many reasons why it’s crucial to add links to blog posts in the course of your blogging and I’m going to list out some of these below…

Provides Additional Information on the Topic

Instead of being the one to write it all out, when you add links to a blog post, you provide your readers with more information and context on the subject matter you’re writing about.

Drives Traffic

When you add links to a different post, your readers get to click to the link and read the other posts.

This drives traffic to the other post you linked to. On the other hand, your links also serves as an up vote, indicating to the search engine that the particular post you’re linking to is something that’s worthwhile.

Increases Engagement

Linking to other content on your website can encourage your readers to go read the other content thus increasing their stay on your website and overall engagement with the website itself.

Improves Credibility

Getting to add links to blog posts from your website to other credible websites as sources can improve the credibility of your content and your blog.

Builds Relationships

Link building is also a way to build relationship with other bloggers. When you add links from your blog to other blogs in your niche, you’re authenticating the content and credibility of the other blog.

Link building allows you to build relationships with other bloggers| Credit: Pexels/fauxels

This can add value to the content as well as the blog you’re linking to. And you can get to leverage such relationships to benefit your blog.

Pro Tip: Using a tool like Link Whisper, you can automate part of the internal linking work for your blog.

Types of Links You Can Add

The following are the popular types of links you can add to a blog post and their use;

Internal Links are links that direct your readers to other pages within your blog. Internal link building is very important in improving your user experience, driving traffic, search engine ranking and improved engagement.

Internal linking is the link building strategy you should engage in if you want to improve your website engagement, user experience and dwell time.

External links are links that directs your readers to other blogs or websites. Like internal links, external links are used to provide additional information to your blog posts. They can also be used in building your blog’s credibility (when you link to other credible blogs) as well as relationship with other bloggers.

Backlinks are links from other blogs pointing to your own website. Just like you’re linking to other websites, aim to attract backlinks to your website as this will improve the ranking of your posts and website on search engine.

Inbound links are links from other website to your website while Outbound links are links from your website to other websites.

No-follow Links are links that informs the search engine bots not to follow the link to the website it’s being linked to. What this means is that the no-follow link will not improve the web ranking of the website it’s linking to.

Do-follow Links tells the search engine to follow the website its being linked to. Unlike no-follow link, do-follow links will improve the web ranking of the website it’s linking to.

Do follow link is the best link you should aim to build if you want to improve your website rankings in search engine.

Picture insert: How to add link to a blog post

Steps to Add Links to Blog Posts

To add links to blog posts, login to your dashboard and write the text you intend to link to, using the text editor. Example;” let’s get started here”.

  • Using your mouse, highlight the text you just typed out.
  • After highlighting your text, your formatting tool bar will pop up. Click on the link button in the formatting tool bar.
  • PS: This link may show as a chain link if you’re using the latest version of WordPress or as a globe on other versions.
  • In the “insert link” box that appears, enter the URL of the link you want to add.
  • After that, click on “OK” or “Insert”.

Final Words

Now, there you have the full step by step process to add links to blog posts. Remember, link building is not an optional part of blogging, it’s a must have strategy you can use to build your blog and grow as a blogger.

As a new and older blogger, while following these strategies to strengthen your link building effort, be sure you’re linking to relevant websites, content and that you’re using the right key words to achieve this.

Now that you’ve learned how to add links to blog posts, join our blogging mastery course to learn the bolts and nuts of blogging and gain all the mastery you need. Or, reach out to us for further guide here.

So, it’s over to you now. When it comes to blogging, what’s your best challenges Drop your comments below.

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  1. External links are links that point to websites that are not owned by you. External links can be a great way to share information with your readers and to give them a way to learn more about a topic.

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