How to become a Social Media Influencer

Becoming an influencer is one of the dreams of so many social media users; especially in an age where influencers are getting more and more popular.

You might have asked yourself; how can I become a social media influencer or does it really make sense to become one? If this is what’s running through your mind then here’s the truth you need to know…

On Instagram and to a large extent, twitter; influencer marketing is already a well-established form of marketing. In fact, it is estimated that the Influencer Marketing Industry is set to be worth 15 billion Dollars, in 2022.

Now, it’s not just about the stats but, if the stats are anything to hold onto then you’ll agree with me that becoming a social media influencer is not a waste of time after all.

It is a business that’s booming with an expanding industry. And if more and more people are keying into it then there is absolutely nothing wrong if you’re planning to become an influencer.

That said, the following are some of the surefire ways to become a social media influencer;

Identify your niche and target Audience

One of the first steps to take on your journey to become a successful influencer is to define your niche and target audience.

Starting with your niche, try to identify the industry you want to target. Identifying your niche is very critical to your success as it will define everything you do online.

When you’re done with this, identify the followers you want to build over time, identify who they are, where you can find them, the kind of content they like and how you can create that kind of content for them.

Afterwards, head over to your target audience. find out who they are, their demographics, the most suitable platforms they gather and the kind of influencer brands they partner with.

Tip: Studying the page of an existing social media influencer that has with the kind of brand you want to build can be very helpful in giving you a better idea about how to get started.

There should be a midpoint between your target audience and your targeted clients. In fact, as much as possible, focus on building an audience that will be suitable for your target clients or intentionally build on the kind of clients that will be suitable for your target audience.

This is very important as it can affect the outcome of whatever campaign you intend to deliver for a potential client.

Getting things right at this point right can mark one of your biggest deal breakers. It can also help you as you set out to create a brand that will attract the kind of audience and clients you want.

Create a Plan

To become an influencer, you need to start with a plan in mind. Your plan will have to cover details like the kind of brand you want to create, the brands you’ll like to work with, the audience you’ll want to build and the strategies you want to use in keeping them engaged.

You don’t need to be very detailed about everything from the beginning but you need to have a clear idea of what you want and plans on how you intend to achieve it.

Furthermore, you will need a combination of growth strategies that will also help you as you work on building your brand.

Choose a target Platform

To create the best result for your effort and to really attract the kind of businesses and audience you want for your influencer brand, you’ll need to choose the right platform.

This is very crucial because in as much as you can find almost all kinds of audience on the popular social media platforms, some social media platforms will still yield a far better result than the others.

Take for instance; if you want to target a corporate clientele and audience, you’ll be better off creating your brand on LinkedIn rather than a platform like Twitter or Instagram.

Same thing goes with a brand that’s targeting the Millennials and Gen-Z. If that’s your target audience, you’ll be better off on Instagram rather than going to Facebook and LinkedIn.

Knowing your audience and where you can get the best of them is very essential if you want to become an effective influencer that delivers on results.

Create Content

Social media thrives on content and engagement. To build a remarkable influence, you’ll have to create remarkable contents that will be loved again and again by your audience and target clients.

Beyond remarkable, your content will have to be coming in at a very timely manner. You need to know the current trends in your target industry and work on making posts about them at the right time.

There must be a level of consistency in your postings. Posting only when you feel like it or being inconsistent with your post will not get you the right results hence there’s need for a sustained level of consistency from you.

Also, you have to understudy your audience in order to understand the kind of posts they will like, how they want it posted and other kind of content that will drive engagement.

You can start this by studying the rate of engagements with each content you put out, their reactions, comments etc. With details from here, you can then work on producing content based on what your audience wants.


Becoming a successful social media influencer does not start and end with posting content on the social media t different intervals.

Beyond posting content, you have to engage with your audience consistently.

This also means that you have to stay online very often, reply to comments on your posts, interact with your audience and build a strong rapport with them.

Having a large number of engagement is very important to your brand as an influencer. It is a key indicator that people are interested in your brand. It can also create loyalty for your brand, from your audience.


In the very noisy world of social media, promotion is very important if you want to get noticed. For this reason, from time to time you have to take remarkable stunts that will make more people to know about your brand.

Of course you don’t have to promote yourself in an indecent way. If you want to be recognized as a thought leader in your niche, you can work on doing things a thought leader would do.

This could include things like writing books, speaking at conferences, co-hosting events or just getting your voice heard. You can also partner with or guest post for important brands, starting at free if you must.

Also, try as much as possible to air your own opinion and get heard. Don’t feel scared to make your thoughts known on popular issues. Promote your own brand. Where possible, blow your trumpet. Celebrate your own wins before your audience and keep showing as much social proof as possible.

PS: While doing all of this, avoid fakery unless it will really help you. Try to be as authentic as possible. You want your brand to be seen in the right light by all means.

Reach out

Reach out to other influencers in your league. Whether upcoming or not, collaborate with them. Find ways to do things together, it promotes your brand to their audiences.

Reach out to other well-known influencers in your niche too where possible. Although it might be quite difficult to achieve this if you’re a complete new comer, you can start with adding value to them.

Instead of trying to force collaborations you can start with offering them your best product or services or find a way to work with them at discounted rates or for free. Your goal is to get them to promote your brand in return.

Also, reach out to your target brands too. Let them know that you can promote their services either for free or subsidized rates (works well if you’re a beginner).

For me, we didn’t consider this option of reaching out while starting out with We waited for the businesses to contact us and it took a long time before they finally started coming.

You can choose to reach out to your target clients, even before you feel like it; especially after you’ve put everything in place.

Final Words

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete newbie or you’re already known across the social media, anyone can actually become a social media influencer if that’s all they really want.

It all starts with knowing the kind of social media influencer you want to become, the brands you want to work with and then setting out a clear plan to work with. With all these in place, it becomes easier for you to get started.

Just as I close, I want you to note that even when you become a social media influencer, do not just stop at the social media, to get the best benefits for your brand, you’ll need to become more established.

Set up a website and platforms outside the social media where people can know more about you as a brand influencer, read about your audience, impact and get to contact you directly. Also, be committed to building and growing your audience.

So, there you have the top 7 steps to become a successful social media influencer. Which one of these is the easiest for you?

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