What is influencer marketing?

You’ve probably heard about it.

Unless you’re still in the stone age (though I’m sure you can’t be reading this from there).

So you’ve been wondering, what exactly is influencer marketing and why is it so trendy on the internet.

As a matter of answering the second part of your question, influencer marketing is a buzzword because the internet has liberalised the marketing industry, giving people who didn’t have chance an opportunity to market to their target customers with almost with zero capital.

Ok. Before it looks like I’m talking above your head. This is what I’m saying…

Before the revolution of the digital era, people used to pay big media organisations so they can get to market their products to their target audience.

Right now with the influence of digital and social media, ordinary people like you and I can now command as much influence as the media.

Yeah. And when I’m talking about this, I’m sure you remember those actors, musicians, super star bloggers and internet personalities right?

These guys are now replacing the almighty media organisations little by little.

So how’s that got to do with influencer marketing you ask?

Influencer marketing is a situation where marketers leverage the influence of popular personalities to market their product to their target audience.

These personalities can exist either online or offline. Though we’ll be focusing on the online influencer marketing in this post.

How’s influencer marketing done?

Influencer marketing is what happens when you reach out to people/celebrities (who command a certain level of influence in an industry you’re targeting) to promote your work, books, products/services or share it with their audience.

Why do people engage influencers?

People engage influencers to market their product because these influencers command some good standing in the industry.

Because of the personality and trust they’ve built with their personal brand, people trust them and can make buying decision based on their recommendations.

So with this in mind, marketers needing to reach their kind of audience can now target these influencers with the hope that if they (influencer) recommends their product or services, it would be more easier for the audience to buy the product.

So is influencer marketing taking over marketing?

You can’t pointedly say an influencer or a celebrity is going to entirely determine what people buy or what they don’t.

Of course they have the persuasive power, the audience and the brand image that can command action, based on their strong brands.

On the other hand, majority of their impact is based on the audience they have so that means you may be limited to your influencer’s audience.

This is why for instance if your product is targeting a religious sect like Islam it would be absurd to engage a pastor just because he’s highly influential.

Comparing this with mainstream digital marketing, you can reach as many new audience as your marketing capital can afford.

Again, when it comes to influencer marketing, you can contact as many influencers as you want. Their audience and endorsement can really boost your marketing efforts.

So that’s it about influencer marketing. It helps you helps you leverage other people’s established influence to kick start your marketing without having to labour from the scratch.

Before we call it a day anyway, I want you to understand that for this kind of marketing to be effective, you have to be able to choose the right influencer so you can reach out to the right audience.

Without that, it might be really difficult to break even with your product.

Have you experienced influencer marketing before?

Let’s hear from you…

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