How to promote your brand as a lawyer (1)

You want to promote your brand as a lawyer so you can get more clients, attract better cases, and grow in practice.

Of course after putting in years of work in law school, you deserve all the recognition you can get as a lawyer without hustling for it.

But unfortunately, you can never get as much recognition as you deserve without putting in the effort to get noticed.

Like you, a lot of lawyers both new and old have asked, how can I get recognized as a lawyer?

This guide is an answer to this question and your quest to become a notable lawyer, regardless of your years in practice.

And right in the following paragraphs, I’ll be sharing with you some of the most crucial steps you can take to become a well recognized lawyer.

Identify your Goal

The first step to promote your brand as a lawyer is to identify the goal you want to achieve with the brand at the particular period of time.

Find out, what’s most important to you at this particular time?

Are you trying to get new clients? Or do you plan to get better publicity as a lawyer?

While both of these goals might end up leading to almost similar outcomes, the strategies used in implementing them will be slightly different.

So, if you’re planning to become a very notable lawyer, beyond taking up leading cases, you want to also get right in front of the camera as much as possible.

You want to have your comments stamped on topical legal and social issues, write and comment on influential platforms with large audiences and also connect with notable personalities within and outside the legal field.

Unfortunately, you can’t know which one of this is most important for you until you are able to identify and choose your goals correctly.

That’s why this is a crucial first step.

Choose a Niche

Now that you’ve identified your goal, the next step in your journey to promote your brand as a lawyer is to find a niche.

Of course you can aspire to be a lawyer in just about all the aspects of law but to become a recognized brand much faster, you need to choose one niche and get so good in that niche.

In the legal sphere, Human Right is one of the most popular niche in most countries.

There are also some other popular niches with quite a number of successful lawyers.

As a new wig, to make a dent in a crowded niche, you’ll have to work extra hard, compared to other lawyers who have been there before you.

There are also some new and green niches in new areas of law, with just a few influential lawyers.

Since you have identified your goal in step one, it is now in your best interest to choose a niche that will actualize that goal in the shortest possible time.

Anything less than this might keep your brand in the unknown for a very long time.

Create a Brand

After identifying your niche, the next easy step to promote your brand as a lawyer is to create a Brand.

Yes. This is a very critical step that cannot be ignored.

You have to create a brand that caries with it all the important aspects of influential lawyers in the niche you chose.

This step will need a lot of thinking through.

Decide whether you’re going to build a brand around yourself or your law firm. | Credits: Pexels/August de Richelieu

Starting with a brand name, you want to decide whether you’re going to build a brand around yourself (using your personal name) or your legal firm (supposing you have one).

The moment you make this decision, your next step is to start with identifying your preferred branding details.

And then go ahead to set up the brand completely, after identifying your brand name, colors, tone, images, bio etc.

You can read up this guide on how to set up a brand to have a better understanding.

As soon as you’re done with setting up your brand, you can now head over to create your brand on important social media platforms with the largest number of your target audience.

The goal is not to be on all social media platforms but rather get on the ones that’ll get you the best possible outcomes.

After that, head over to get yourself a website. This is also another critical aspects of branding that cannot be ignored, if you really want to set up a formidable brand as a lawyer

Create Content

The digital world thrives on content. Video, Audio, Written content, whatever it is, content is what gets you the audience.

So, to further promote your brand you have to create content. Lots of it.

And before you get right on creating content, figure out what matters to your audience.

What’s their needs and what do they search for on search engines and social media platforms.

Tools like Wordstream, Ubersuggest, Google Keywords Tool etc. can you the right data on this.

As soon as you’ve been able to sort this out, get over to create content around these topics.

Make your content rich, valuable and relatable. Try to answer the questions of your target audience completely as you create the content.

As much as possible, focus on creating interesting and informative content that’s able to solve the need of your target audience.

Promote your Content

To promote your brand as a lawyer, you’ll not only stop at creating content, you’ll also have to promote and share your content on other platforms.

This is very crucial if you want to get a wider visibility and more reach for the content.

Starting with SEO, you have to optimize your content for search visibility, using the right key words on all the right places on your website.

This also extends to using the correct hash tags and posting hours for your posts on social media.

Beyond this, you also want to share your content on social media platforms.

Go to sub groups, forums and niches with your target audience as users, engage on those groups and share your content with them where it’s allowed.

As one of your options, you can also consider using paid options to promote your posts and get better visibility.

Both Search engines like Google and Social media platforms do have options for paid promotions that could work for you.

Become a Thought Leader

One of the most practical steps to promote your brand as a lawyer is to become a thought leader.

This is one of the biggest strategies that’s worked for most established and up coming lawyers.

To become a thought leader as a lawyer, most new wigs start with working with important and established lawyers or leading law firms.

This strategy could work for you if you do have the means. But where it’s difficult, you can use the backdoor by creating your own platforms of influence.

If you can’t have access to the one percent of the one percent in the legal sphere, start with the upcoming influential lawyers.

Attend seminars, events and programs for lawyers in your area and network with leading lawyers there.

Organize and host events in partnership with these influential or up coming lawyers and have them share the stage with you.

In some countries, law faculties are open for partnerships and trainings that will benefit law students, be sure to utilize these opportunities to give back to the students while building your brand.

As much as possible also, court the media. Comment on important and topical legal issues within your country, region or area of law.

Write commentaries on leading newspapers, magazines, platforms and do not fail to show up your awards and recognition whenever you have them.

Finally, write critically acclaimed white papers, case studies and if possible write a book.

These final paragraph will definitely cement your brand as a thought leader.

Enlist in Local Directories

Either as a law firm or lawyer, there are local directories you can get enlisted on, to further promote your brand as a lawyer.

Enlisting on these directories is important because most times, clients gets on these directories to search for lawyers before even making searches online.

For example, and are good places to start with.

In some cases a few of these directories may have hits far more than your websites. So as much as possible, you want to enlist on the local and international directories in your area of practice.

Besides online directories, there are also yellow pages and other platforms you can create a profile on like LinkedIn among others, to get the visibility you deserve.

Final Words

You don’t have to be a lawyer for 30 years before you make a name for yourself. Using the lawyer marketing strategies listed here, you can go ahead to create a recognized brand for your legal practice even if you’re just starting out today.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that legal practice is an evolving career and you’ll get to learn new strategies as you journey to promote your brand as a lawyer. But whatever it is, be sure you’re open to learning and trying out these new strategies.

Be concerned about providing value for your target audience and clients. And do not ever doubt the recognition you get, whenever you have them.

So, are you ready to take a step to build a legal brand today? We can help you get started. Reach out to us here.

It’s over to you now. What’s your biggest challenge as a lawyer in the digital age? Drop your opinions in the comments section.

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