how to promote your brand using your website

It’s an open secret! One of the most powerful ways to gain visibility, grow your audience and promote your personal brand, is by getting a website.

Unfortunately, a lot of creatives are not even aware they need a website, not to talk about promoting it.

But, according to statistics, 81 percent of consumers will research a brand online before buying from the brand.

With such stats, whether you’re a personal or corporate brand, to look professional, stand out and gain visibility online today, you need a website.

And beyond that, you need to be able to promote your personal brand using your website, if you really want to gain massive visibility online.

Now, that you’re here, the question is, do you know the right steps you can use to promote your brand online?

In the following paragraphs, I’ll be walking you through the 7 important strategies and steps you can use to promote your personal brand as a creative, using your blog to drive massive publicity and gain recognition.

Register your Domain Name

Before creating a website, you’ll need a domain name. And one of the first strategy to promote your brand online is to register the brand name as a domain name.

What this does for you is that using your brand as your domain name promotes the brand name while keeping it visible online.

It also coordinates all activities as regards the brand you want to promote.

Beyond directly promoting your brand, registering your brand as a domain name can also go a long way in preserving the brand from the reach of domain squatters or and other entities who may have intentions to also register the brand name so you don’t have access to it.

Create a Blog

As a personal brand, it is not enough to own a website.

Since you really want to promote your brand online and get visibility using your website, you’ll need something more than a static website.

That’s where a blog comes in.

As a brand, to gain as much visibility as you want, you’ll need a space to create and share content with your audience.

Doing this gives you the chance to interact with them, engage and build your expertise. It also gives you an opportunity to use special or targeted keywords in your text, in a way that will drive in the right kind of traffic for your posts.

The more your audience interacts with and share your blog posts, the more visibility you get for your brand.

And the more you get other high quality websites to link to your posts, the more you get better rankings and even more page views from the search engine.

Create Content

Beyond creating a blog, if you seriously want to promote your brand online, you need to create high quality content that’s valuable to your target audience.

Now as you’d probably know, content marketing is a strategic marketing effort that involves creating and sharing valuable and relevant content (which can be blog posts, videos, audio podcasts etc.,) for a specified audience, in order to drive a specific outcome.

Regardless of the kind of content you create or the kind of brand you want to promote (whether personal or corporate brand), the benefits of content marketing are not far-fetched.

From demonstrating your expertise to sending you the right kind of audience, content marketing is one of the biggest strategies you’ll want to use to promote your brand and achieve your goals online.

From time to time, you want to create high quality content that solves a major problem your target audience is faced with and share same with your them via your blog.

In the long run, these contents will attract a well-targeted audience to your website, create value for this audience, while positioning you as the thought leader and exposing your services to them in the process.

Use SEO to optimize Visibility

SEO also known as Search engine optimization is the process of getting a website or web pages to rank higher in the search result page, in order to attract a better search engine visibility and more visitors and to the website.

When it comes to branding, SEO plays a very important role in getting your brand the visibility it deserves.

To use SEO as a tool to promote your brand online, you can start with researching and choosing the keyword that matters to your brand.

Afterwards, use these same keywords on your website in a way that will make it become more visible while people search for it.

Going forward, search engine optimization can also be very useful to you while you create your blog posts and other content.

When optimized well, it will make your content more visible to search engine users while they search for queries related to your brand or the content you create.

Use Guest Blogging to expand your reach

Guest Blogging is the art of posting on other websites other than your own. It’s one of the major strategies used by most brands to promote their visibility.

As a personal brand, you can key into guest posting to promote your brand online.

To do this, you have to research the brands or websites that have the kind of target audience you’ll want to identify with your brand.

Understudy the kind of content they post on their website and then pitch them with your guest post ideas.

Where they get to approve your ideas, go ahead and create the best guest post in that niche and send it to them.

Rinse and repeat on other high quality and relevant platforms.

Most of the time, these websites will allow you a byline that includes a brief bio and links to your website or social media.

As a personal brand, guest posting does not only get you a handful of visitors to your website, it exposes your brand to a new audience while getting you some back link to your website.

And the good thing is that the more high quality back links you have, the more search engine like Google give your website a higher and more authoritative ranking.

Connect to Social Media

As a way of promoting your brand you’ll have to create long form valuable content for your fans. This is not entirely possible on your social media as long form content can scare your audience away.

But guess what? It’s entirely possible on your website!

You can create long form content on your website and share it on your social media platform.

If your audience finds your content interesting enough, they can follow through the links to read it on your website. And everybody wins.

Create Case Studies

Have you created something that brought an exceptional solution to a particular problem? You can create a case study around this and demonstrate the process right on your website.

Case study is very effective in lead generation.

It demonstrates your expertise to your clients. It is also an important strategy you can use to promote your brand either to potential clients or other users of your website.

Final Words

In a nutshell, apart from what you’ve read so far, you can use your website to promote your brand in many other ways including showcasing your portfolio and a list of your projects or the works you’ve done for different clients.

At the end of the day, the most important thing for you to know is that both the things you do and the ones you’re yet to do will play a critical role in defining the visibility of your brand. So, are you ready to take positive steps to promote your brand today?

If you don’t have a website yet, you can start with getting your brand a professional website from one of our experts.

And if you already have a website, you can begin to use these steps to drive better visibility for your brand.

So, it’s over to you now. What step do you want to use to promote your brand? Let’s hear you.

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