Welcome back to our tutorials on how to make the internet work for you and your business.

In this post I’ll be writing about how to project your personal or corporate brand on the internet.

I would have merged the whole subheads together, but, right now, I want to take each of these sub heads individually so I can write on them extensively and then continue with the next benefit.

How You Can Project your personal or corporate brand with the internet.

Supposing you’re a public speaker doing your stuff offline.

You own the Maryo Speaking Group, an offline company registered in your country.

One faithful Saturday, you had a speaking engagement at a Prestigious conference.

You couldn’t wait to drop your contact details because you were in a hurry to catch up with another speaking gig.

While you were on the podium, Akin, one of the international delegates at the conference was so thrilled by your speech that he decided to hook you up for a speaking engagement at their company’s end of the year event.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t meet you because you left.

He decided to Google your name. On searching Google, you were no where to be found.

He tried searching for your company name then it landed on Marya Speaking Inc, another group registered in your country.

He decided to make inquiries and bookings because he believes that’s your company.

Two days to the main day, he realized Marya is not the speaking company you represent.

He got furious and disappointed. He decided to look for ways to reach you, but being that there’s only two days before the event, Akin’s colleagues convinced him to go ahead with the Marya guys since you both are doing same stuff.

The Marya guys came to the event, gave a wow performance. And got booked for another event.

In the midst of all this, you’re somewhere in your country, unaware that you’ve lost two speaking gigs.

Now let me tell you something. The scenario you just read is exactly what happens to entrepreneurs most of the times.

Most times the link between you and your next client is just one Google away.

But Victor this cannot be true you say.

Well, this is what it is.

According to stats, every second, 40,000 people search for one thing or the other on the internet using Google.

Every single day, we have 3.5 Billion search queries on same Google.

I mean this figures look ridiculous. But then, there’s no book or Library that can contain all the information we have on Google.

You’ll agree with me as humans, we’re getting used to depending on the internet for information. Because it’s simple, fast and available.

Trust me, it’s not going to get any better in a while. Because offline books, journals, newspapers are quickly losing their significance.

And the even crazier thing is that the information on the internet is free and fast.

People will rather search for what they want, free and at a single click than go look for a book that contains the information.

Now in that story we shared earlier, there are two major things you should note.

1. The idea about getting featured on and using the internet to your advantage as a personal or corporate brand.

Like you might already know, the number one way to project your brand on the internet is to get a personal platform for what you’re doing or what you represent. A website of sort.

It begins here but it doesn’t just stop here. There are still ways you can project yourself and brand on the internet

2. The idea about securing your brand name on the internet before your competition does.

Let’s go a bit technical.

Talking about securing an internet platform, the number one thing you’ll need is a domain name. Something like www.myname.com

So if your brand name is something like Bespoke Garments, you’ll certainly need a domain name like www.bespokegarments.com.

There can only be one bespokegarments.com all over the world at a particular time.

So if any other person happens to use the name before you, you might never be able to do anything about it unless they stop using it.

Now imagine the confusion it will cause your potential clients if you have a brand name on the internet that is different from your offline names.

I want to point this out that, at the end of the day, you’ll not only have to be found on the internet, your brand has to be preserved intact.

Because talking about staying relevant in the 21st century, your ability to be found on the internet will to a large extent determine your success as an entrepreneur.

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