How to build a brand from scratch

Twenty years ago, unless you’re a super star, a multi million dollar business or a tech start up with the dollars, building a remarkable brand was never a thing to worry about.

In fact, I am sure it would be sitting on the last part of your bucket list. If at all you had any plans for one.

Of course the reason is not far fetched. There was largely no need to build anything grand or spectacular unless you’re big. So literally, anything goes.

But 20 years after? Everything changed. With the coming of web 2.0, Just about anybody could create a brand. And consistently, this has surged the competition to an all time high.

Today, with over 3.6 billion active social media users around the world, not only do you need to create a brand that stands out, if you truly want to get noticed, you want to build a remarkable brand.

But what exactly is a remarkable brand?

A remarkable brand is a brand that is unusual, extraordinary, striking because it comes with attention grabbing features that makes it specifically noticeable, even in the midst of other existing brands.

Simply put, it’s that kind of brand you won’t stop talking about, after you come in contact with it.

For a brand to be remarkable it has to be spectacularly known for something. And that could be either in a positive or negative way.

Of course I am sure you want your brand to be remarkable in a positive way. And in the following paragraphs we’re going to discuss the things you can do to make your brand remarkable in exactly the way you’d like it.

Set your brand goals

As a creative person or freelancer, you do not only want to build a remarkable brand, you want to build a brand that is well known for something spectacular.

So, to get started, you want to ask yourself this all important question; what does my brand really aspire to be known for?

Remember this could be anything. For instance, you could aspire to be the market leader in the graphics design niche for small businesses.

You could aspire to build a brand that will position you as a thought leader within any niche of your choice.

Whatever it is for you, there has to be a specific goal you want to achieve by building a remarkable brand.

And identifying this goal is very crucial because it will shape your personal branding experience at all levels.

Identify your Audience

One of the most significant steps to take on your journey to build a remarkable brand is to identify your target audience.

Identify your target audience

The reason you have to identify a target audience is because as a brand you can’t be remarkable to just anybody or everybody.

So, there’s no need to try to be everything to everyone. Instead, you want to be everything to that specific target audience that need you.

This can be people in need of your services, products etc. This is the audience that will be attracted to you and will want to identify with you as a brand.

And like i mentioned earlier, finding them is very crucial to your success.

Define your Brand Marketing Strategies

After identifying your audience and the goals you want to achieve with your brand, you need to define the approach you want to take towards attracting this audience to your brand, so that you can reach your goal.

So, begin to ask yourself or research possible marketing strategies you can use to achieve your brand goals.

There are many strategies you can use to promote your brand and attract the right audience both online and offline.

But to get things right, bear in mind that your brand marketing strategies will to some extent be influenced by your brand goals and your target audience demographics.

Read this post by marketing land and learn how to build a brand strategy.

So, if you’re targeting an online audience for instance, you want to build your strategies around online platforms like the social media, blogs etc.

Same thing goes for an offline audience. Where you are targeting a specific kind of audience for example an elite audience in a particular niche…

Not only do you want to create a brand that reflects the kind of brand that’s patronized by that audience, you also want to be able to target this audience through your brand marketing activities.

You can do this by identifying the platforms where this set of target audience can be reached, marketing approaches that appeals to them and other brand positioning strategies that works for them.

Define your brand marketing strategy

If you do not have a clue on how to go about this, you can start with observing what your competing brands are doing and then choose what works for you.

PS: Remember you can always change your brand marketing strategies from time to time until you’re able to figure out a custom strategy that delivers your goals.

Create Valuable Content

Content creation is one of the full proof ways to create a brand that sticks in the mind of your audience.

Remember that for something to be remarkable, there has to be a level of consistent repetition which is clearly noticeable by the audience.

As a creative entrepreneur without a big budget for promotional ads, one of your biggest tools to build this kind of remarkable brand is through the creation of content.

You want to create valuable content for your audience, consistently. And you also want to create the kind of content that is relevant to your brand.

Over time, people will come to identify you with these kind of content. And as you continue to build expertise they will get to see you as an authority in the niche.

And btw, always have in mind that the more value you deliver to your audience, through your content, the more they want to come back to interact with your brand.

Tell your brand story

Brand storytelling is the art of using impressive narrative to tell and share your brand story with your audience.

It involves sharing your own journey as a brand, the things that shape you, your core values, the difference you’re making and every other impressive detail that shapes your brand, in a way that will inspire your audience to relate and connect deeply with your brand.

It is one of the most impressive ways to build a truly remarkable brand. And if you don’t have an idea on how to get started, you can learn how to create a brand story by reading up this post by Linkdex.

It doesn’t matter what your story is about, people love good story telling. If you can craft a compelling story, people will get to know about your brand and over time, they will love and care about the brand.

As you step out to create a remarkable brand, one of the reasons you need to pay attention to brand storytelling is that it brings out the human angle to your brand. That part where your audience can easily get to feel and connect with your brand.

It is one of your most valuable tool to create authenticity and spark emotive loyalty while, building a good rapport with your audience.

Stay Consistent

Consistency is one of the most distinguishing features of a remarkable brand.

In fact, doing something or presenting a particular image consistently, over a long period of time is one of the elements that makes both the action and the doer very noticeable.

Consistency is a clever way to create a brand that stands out. And this consistency has to be clearly visible in your brand positioning, the value you deliver and your brand messaging etc.

Just like you can’t imagine an Apple Inc. that does not consistently produce an Apple device with a high end value for it’s users, you don’t want to create a brand that is not consistent either on value proposition or in pictorial representation.

In fact, everything you do as a brand has to be very consistent to a large extent.

If your brand colors are red and white for example then, you have to be consistent with those colors across your website, social media and all other platforms.

If you build a tech brand and you’re providing tech related content then as much as possible, all your content will need to have some tech related undertones, to stay on brand.

Final Words

In a nutshell, whether personally, professionally or business wise, building a remarkable brand takes a lot of work and effort but the reward is always very impressive.

To create a phenomenal brand, you need to identify your audience and your goals, create the brand that will drive results, show up consistently and then push through your brand with your content.

As a creative, these tips on how to create a remarkable brand has worked for both my personal and professional brand in many ways.

It has also worked for other brands in many ways. And you can adapt them to work for your brand too.

Want to learn more about building a personal brand? Read this free guide. Or click here to book a free session with our team.

So, it’s over to you now. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve experienced while trying to build your brand? Let’s hear you.

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  1. Thank you for sharing valuable tips for creating remarkable branding. I think we can also add business cards for branding. Business cards are an essential part of branding, it helps one business to boost their networking and grow their business.

  2. Informative blog!! Branding is an essential part of any business as it makes the first impression to all the customers and gives clarity of business. In my opinion, building a good logo is also an essential part of branding.

  3. Hey, great post. Building an online brand needs to be done with complete efforts. Your step up by step guide for building a brand is very helpful than anything else. Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

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