Content Strategy in Nigeria

When it comes to content strategy in Nigeria, one of the biggest paradox you’ll find is that non entertainment content is selling far less than entertainment based content.

Have you ever asked yourself why this is so?

Now, I did a little research and here I’m going to tell you why…

A large chunk of content consumers in the Nigerian digital market are bent on the use of digital content as a means of escapism. (More on this later).

One major motive for a decent number of content consumers in this market is to “escape reality“.

And for this reason they tend to ignore lots of content that does not offer this escape no matter how good they are.

Normally, this is not supposed to be so. But based on studies, a lot of factors contribute to it.

For instance, there’s the cultural, the socio economic and other overwhelming factors that keep mounting undue pressure on the target audience, leading to the need for whatever form of escapism one could afford.

And most times, these escape gets centered around entertainment that could manifest itself in contents like comedy, comic skits etc.

Unlike what we have in the more advanced markets like the US, UK and most of western Europe for instance..

In the Nigerian and African market, a comedy show will attract a larger audience than a Ted Talk event..

Not to mention TV reality shows like the Big Brother Naija and the likes…

Such shows will attract better viewership and corporate sponsorship than a national quiz competition.

You need to put this into perspective while creating your content strategy.

Why is this so?

The number one reason is because a large percentage of the population is relatively young both within Nigeria and Africa generally.

In Nigeria for example, the average age is 18.1. And the median age group 0-24 years account for over 60 percent of the entire population.

Now, having a critical look at this age demographics you’ll realize that the digital platform with a large chunk of audience within this age group as majority is Tiktok. And Instagram.

This is simply because according to statistics, people within age 16-29 accounts for over 40 percent of users on Tiktok.

The question is, with such demographics in mind, if you’re creating content that targets this kind of audience, where would you rather look to have an idea about what’s working for them?

Tiktok of course!

So while creating your content strategy with Tiktok in mind, you want to ask yourself, what’s the kind of content that works on here and how are they performing?

What are the number of shares, engagement etc generated by such content?

There lies your first set of answers to creating the kind of content that sells through the noise.

Why should you care?

Because you want your content to sell!

In my years as a digital strategist, one of the major questions I’ve had from Authors, Content creators, Advertisers etc usually bothers on getting more visibility for their content, posts, books etc.”

And this is usually my undiluted answer…

Whether you’re writing a book or script, creating a musical lyrics or writing your next blog post… The best content idea you have is not as important as the content your audience wants to buy (or consume as the case may be).

To a large extent, your audience are the ones you aim to please.

And in terms of creating exceptional value that matters, your content strategy should revolve around content that matters to your audience.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re already an expert in the American or European content market for instance…

Or you already have this one million dollar content idea..

If you really want to penetrate the African market digitally, you need to know what works in the African market. And then align your content strategy accordingly.

What can you do?

Now, I want to get a bit personal.

In Africa, unless you’re already a very successful creative, successful content strategy is not centered around the author as compared to the audience.

So, that idea about creating the kind of content you’re passionate about alone does not exactly work here.

Or put differently, doing this might not get you the success your content deserves in good time.

This is why you have the so-called “trash content” selling very fast compared to other content with supposedly better value.

So, do you want to create a content strategy that delivers the success your content deserves?

The short answer is, change your audience.

And here’s the longer answer …

Instead of working on creating content that’s just about your passion, find a way to package and present that same passion to your audience in a way that appeals to them.

Final Words

Content strategy is a very important aspect of content marketing.

When it comes to creating content that creates impact, your content strategy is at the corner stone of your success and frankly, all serious creatives have a content strategy that guides their content creation effort.

Whether you’re creating content for your personal or business brand you need to consider your target audience and what matters to them as you work on creating your content strategy.

So there you have the most important questions to consider while setting up a content strategy in Africa.

Before you get over to hit your keypad for that great content idea, be sure you have this in mind.

Want to learn more? Let’s get to talk!

Now over to you! What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to creating content strategy for an African audience? Let’s hear you.

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