Benefits of Blogging for Business

With more than 4 billion people currently connected to the web, this is one of the best times to start a blog as part of your business strategy but before you venture into it, you want to understand the benefits of blogging for business.

You want to figure out what you stand to gain after putting in hours of work and effort into creating a blog and subsequently, content for your business.

To underscore the importance of blogging for business, according to a recent report, 91 percent of B2B businesses are currently using content marketing to promote their businesses.

In addition to that, more than 70 percent of fortune 500 companies all have a blog, permanently dedicated to their businesses.

These are some of the quick pointers that underscores the importance of blogging for business and obviously, why you need a blog of your business if you do not have one already.

Now, that you know why blogging for business is important in the following paragraphs, I’ll be listing out the benefits of business blogging and how you can start today;

Blogging Boosts Visibility

Businesses need visibility to attract traffic. Without visibility, you may have the best services or products yet no one will get to know you exist.

As a small business, one of the reasons blogging is important is that when done right, blogging gets your business the online visibility it deserves. This is one of the top benefits of blogging for business.

And the good thing is that while paid advertising can get you a temporary visibility, blogging gets you an organic and a more sustained visibility thus making it one of the best fit for your long term marketing strategy very easily.

Drives Inbound Traffic

One of the important benefits of blogging for business that’s driven a lot of small businesses to start a blog is that blogging presents businesses the chance to drive inbound traffic to their website.

Naturally, a static website is just what it is, static website. Blogging and creating content on your website consistently gets your website right in front of your target audience, when they make searches online.

So, to get even more and better traffic, blogging gives you the chance to identify the right key words and popular topics searched by your target audience, create high quality content and post on your blog.

What this does is that it gets your blog posts and website a better prominence on the search engine results page thus making it easier for your target audience to find you.

Improves Brand Awareness

Creating and sharing blog posts that gets read will drive your visibility and in turn, this visibility will improve your brand awareness.

Ordinarily, as a static website, oftentimes, no one really knows whether you exist or not. Creating blog posts gets more viewers over to your website, and this in turn creates awareness about your brand.

This is one of the key benefits of blogging that’s getting most businesses to engage their audience using blog posts. And you can key into this for your own business.

To make it better, focus on creating consistently, exceptional pieces of content that adds extra value to your readers.

The more value they can get from your content, the easier it is for them to recommend and share the content with others or come back to your blog.

This also goes a long way to expanding your brand awareness.

Creates backlinks

Google ranks websites based on the number of quality websites or pages, linking to it. And the easiest way to get other websites to link to your websites is by creating and sharing high quality blog posts.

This is one of the benefits of blogging for business that cannot be ignored, if you really want to grow your business online, organically.

Benefits of blogging for businesses
Blogging attracts backlinks to your website | Image Credits: Pexels

To get high quality back links to your website, you want to create blog posts that address the need of your audience, share with them or even request for link add up from other blogs.

Alternatively, you can also create links to your blog using guest blogging and other link building methods. But whichever way you choose, to achieve a decent link profile for better rankings, you will have to engage in blogging.

Powers website SEO

Blogging is an important marketing strategy as well as a search engine optimization strategy that can drive powerful outcomes for your websites.

As a small business, you will realize that search engine optimization purposes is one of the top reasons why some businesses start a blog. At the same time, this is one of the main benefits of blogging for business for most entrepreneurs.

With the right keywords and search engine optimization strategies, you can create and share meaningful blog posts with your audiences while creating better outcomes for your business.

Builds Credibility

As a small business tucked away in the unknown, competing with big names and businesses, you can use blogging to strategically position yourself and build immense credibility for your brand.

Because blogging allows you to share your knowledge, expertise and experiences, and you can use this to build expansive credibility.

This is one of the most underrated benefits of blogging for business. And it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out today, you can key into this to position your brand.

Starting with creating highly valuable content that addresses the needs of your target audience, you can gradually build your brand as a thought leader; carve a niche for yourself while building the needed goodwill that will transform your business into a formidable brand.

In addition to your usual blog content, you can also use storytelling to build your brand credibility as a small business.

This is how a lot of businesses started out in the digital age. And you can get started this way.

Builds Brand Loyalty

As a small business, blogging allows you to share content and engage with your clients and customers, right on your website.

The more you create the kind of valuable content that meets your audience’s needs, the more they want to come back to your blog for the same kind of content. This is one of the top benefits of blogging for business.

In the long run not only does blogging enable you to build loyalty, you get to build the kind of audience that will easily buy from you because they know and trust your brand based on the relationship you’ve built with them.

How to Start Blogging for Business

Considering the multiple benefits of blogging for business, you want to consider blogging for your own business. To get started with that, the following are the steps you can take.

Identify your Goal

Before you get started blogging, find out the things you plan to achieve for your business with your blog. Doing this gives you a goal to work with. With this in place, you will evolve a plan to ensure success and some parameters to measure the success of your blogging effort.

Get a Domain & Hosting

If you do not have a domain and web hosting account in place, you will need one before getting started. Learn everything bout getting a domain name here. For the hosting account, be sure you’re getting one from a reliable hosting provider.

Build your Blog

Where you do not have a website, after getting the above requirements in place, your next step is to go ahead and build your blog. Here’s a guide on how to build a blog and how to start blogging.

Final Words

In a conclusion, blogging is useful for your business. It is a formidable tool that’s helped a lot of entrepreneurs to create exceptional businesses and platforms.

Personally, I have not only experienced the benefits of blogging for business, I have helped other businesses to benefit from blogging. And frankly, I hope you’re going to be the next beneficiary of blogging when you take the step to start blogging for your business, after reading this post.

For starters, our smart blogging college is a place you can learn the bolts and nuts of blogging and get all the support you’ll need so you can equally create and evolve a successful blog that will drive better profits for your business. Join smart blogging course here.

Now, it’s over to you. What are your biggest challenges when it comes to blogging? Drop your comments below.

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