How to create content that ranks high

As a content creator, your primary goal is to write content that ranks high on Google so you can attract a decent traffic to your blog.

For the fact that more than 90 percent of all published content do not get to attract search engine traffic, you have a real cause to worry about strategies you can use to create content that ranks well online.

Since you put in a lot of work to create your content, the least you should get in return is for your content to be served to as much people as possible. But unfortunately, this is not how it works.

In the real world, regardless of the hours and effort you put in, without putting in place the right strategies and optimizations, your content will not attract the visibility it deserves. That’s exactly why you’re reading this tutorial, to find out the strategies that can get your posts to rank higher on Google.

And in this post, I am going to share with you the important strategies you’ll use to get your content to rank higher in the following paragraphs…

Research your Keywords

The number one strategy to create content that ranks high on search engine is to do a key word research before writing any piece of content.

So, keyword research is simply the process of finding and analyzing search terms your target audience will usually key into the search engine, when searching for products, websites or general information.

The purpose of conducting this keyword research is so that you can have an idea about the kind of content your audience is already searching for so you can specifically create this kind of content for them.

Now, identifying your keywords is the first steps towards creating a high ranking content.

As soon as you’re able to identify these topics, your next step is to strategically position these key words at strategic locations throughout your content, including headings, sub headings, meta tags and other parts of your content.

Doing, this further increases the chances of your content getting visible to your target audience when they search for it.

Write Great Content

After researching your keywords and getting to understand the existing needs of your target audience, your next step is to create great content.

A great content is the content that goes the extra mile to meet the needs of your audience better than other content written about that topic.

A great content answers the “What, Why, Where, How” and any other question asked by your audience in the most detailed, informative and entertaining way, better than other existing content in that niche. This is what makes it stand out.

Of course, great content takes a lot of effort, time and energy but it is a must have, if you really want to create content that ranks high on Google.

It is the kind of content that naturally attracts the traffic, buzz and shares thus shutting up your visibility either as a brand or website that’s why it is worth the effort.

Optimize on Page SEO

You can still have great content without having the visibility that comes with it. No, I’m not kidding you.

Regardless of its quality, to create content that ranks high on search engine, you have to put in place the right on page optimization strategies that will create a better visibility for your content.

For example, your content has to be easy to navigate or scan through by readers. This means that there has to be a clear opening, middle and a closing for each piece of content you create.

Even after achieving this, try to divide your topics into sub heads and tag them accordingly as per H2 tags, H3 tags etc., based on the subject matter you are addressing in each section, just as you can see in this tutorial.

Also as part of your on page SEO, you want to optimize your Meta Description and Meta tags so your content can get a boost in visibility.

Work on your OFF Page SEO

While on page SEO impacts the visibility of your website right from your web page itself, giving you more control, off page SEO on the other hand includes strategies taken outside your website, to increase the ranking of the website on search engine.

Optimizing your Off page SEO can lead to better ranking for your content | Credits: Pexels/Artem Podrez

This includes SEO strategies like Link Building, Social Media Marketing, Guest Blogging, Influencer Marketing etc.

Although off page SEO is not entirely within your control as compared to on page SEO, to create content that ranks high on search engine, you have to put in place all the important off page SEO strategies that will boost your search engine ranking.

For example when it comes to Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing and Guest Blogging, you have to put in your best effort by reaching out to promote your content on other platforms to further boost your authority, expertise and credibility.

This in turn will transform to better ranking and improved visibility for your website.

Invest in Link Building

Website credibility and domain authority plays a critical role when it comes to search engine ranking.

And one of the popular ways to gain improved credibility for your website is through link building. In fact, it is one of the surest ways to build the credibility you’ll need to create content that ranks high on Google.

This is so because a link from a high quality website is like thumbs up to the relevance or credibility of your content. So when other relevant websites link to yours, conversely, this indicates to Google that your content is credible and worthy of better visibility.

So, the more back links you have, the better your page rank. And the better your page rank, the more visibility you get in return.

So at the end of the day, you don’t just want to publish the kind of excellent and high quality content that other websites will easily want to link to, go out of your way to promote it so you can get the backlinks.

While building your links, remember the quality and relevance of a link is very important to the ranking of your website.

PS: As much as possible, avoid spammy and irrelevant website links. Focus on getting natural links from websites that are relevant to yours.

Reduce Bounce Rates

Another strategy you can use to create content that ranks high on Google is to reduce bounce rates so your dwell time can be improved.

To achieve this, aside from writing well targeted and high quality content, you have to improve your loading speed. This is because the longer it takes your web page to load, the more users bounce back from your website.

Again, to achieve reduced bounce rates, you want to include visuals like images or videos as part of your content. According to research, this has a way of keeping users staying on the web page.

Finally, write shorter paragraphs, keeping a decent white space in between text and also, make your web pages easy to navigate.

Doing this will keep more users staying on the web page. And this in turn will impact the ranking f your web posts.

Use an SEO Plugin

Creating content that ranks high on Google can involve a lot of work but using SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, All in One SEO or Rank Math can go a long way in breaking down the complexity of search engine optimization.

Although an SEO plugin will not take the entire work off your shoulders, it goes a long way in getting you to optimize your SEO accurately just the way you should.

Final Words

Writing high ranking content is the ultimate goal of every content writer but as you can see, not a lot of content ever get to make it to attracting visibility or website traffic.

To really get to create content that ranks high on Google, you want to go out of your way to implement these strategies and watch them work wonders for your website.

In addition, focus on creating great content with a reasonable length so you can have a decent spread of your keywords. As much as possible, avoid thin content, duplicate content and keyword stuffing.

And what’s more? You don’t have to struggle alone anymore. You can dig in deeper, learn more about how to write better and well optimized content for better visibility when you sign up for our Content Masterclass here.

Now, it’s over to you. What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to creating search engine visibility for your posts?

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