Benefit og Guest Posting on High Quality Blogs

Guest blogging has helped a lot of bloggers to reach new audiences, expand brand visibility and drive quality growth for their blogs.

In spite of this, a lot of bloggers still do not understand the importance or benefit of Guest Posting as a marketing strategy.

For this reason, in the blogging world today, collaborations is fast becoming a thing of the past.

People are going solo. Putting all effort by themselves and hoping to get successful really fast.

Personally, sometimes i wish this is exactly how it works. Because whether we like it or not, so many people out there will always dread networking and collaborations.

People will always be worried about their guest posts getting rejected. Their effort wasted and editors turning down their offers to write a guest post.

Sadly, in as much as we want things to be different, in a digital world like ours, almost everything you do revolves around INFLUENCE, CLOUT and CONNECTIONS.

To become a successful blogger today, you need to build that back link, write that guest post, become that thought leader.

All these calls out on your ability to network, collaborate and reach out to others.

Of course. It’s true you can get your blog to whatever height you want, all by yourself.

That’s the default thinking out there…

But truth is, that is the hard way to do it.

Because, instead of waiting for years to get things done, all by yourself, you can get your blog to scale faster by collaborating with and flying on other people’s wings.

This is the smart way to become a more successful blogger.. And this is where Guest Posting comes in..

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting also known as guest blogging is the art of strategically writing blog posts on other websites, in order to drive a specific outcome.

The entire idea about guest blogging is that a blogger gets the chance to write blog posts on other blogs different from his own blog either for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or other purposes.

Done well, guest posting does not only introduce your brand to a new audience, it also comes with a lot of benefits both to the blogger and their blogs.

Over the years, guest blogging has become part of a digital marketing strategy that has helped a lot of bloggers to achieve their goals.

And in this post, I’ll be sharing with you, the Important benefits of guest posting and how you can use them to grow your blog.

Benefits of Guest Blogging on other blogs

Now before we proceed, I want to mention that a Guest Post is not about writing republished or copied post on other people’s websites.

A guest blog post is supposed to be a post that would add huge value to the audience consuming it.

And for better result, it is to be done on a blog with a decent ranking on Google.

Now, below are some of the benefits of Guest Blogging.

Guest Posting is Great For SEO

One of the biggest benefits of Guest posting is the fact that guest posting is great for search engine optimization purposes.

Each guest post you write on another blog gives you a chance for a new back link to your blog.

When done on a high quality website, this can really improve your overall rankings. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons bloggers guest blog on other websites.

So, with a guest blog post on a high quality website, you get to attract high quality back links to your website.

Now the more high quality back links you have pointing to your website, the more your website gets positive rankings with Google algorithms.

In the long run, this will go a long way in improving your domain authority and page ranking in search result.

Guest Blogging Improves your Brand Credibility

Another benefit of guest blogging is the fact it gives you exposure to big media organizations and other platforms you’d ordinarily not have the chance to publish on.

Talking about platforms like HuffPost, NewYork Times, and Forbes Magazine etc., these organizations are globally recognized in terms of credibility, Brand Influence and SEO.

If you’re a blogger published on these huge platforms, beyond SEO, you can always bank on their influence to project your own credibility.

And by the way, showing a potential client a link to your published work on Forbes for example will automatically boost your credibility, compared to showing them links to posts you publish on your blog alone.

Guest Blogging Expands Your Reach

Being strategic with your Guest Blogging Effort can expand your reach far beyond your local market.

This is why I usually don’t advocate guest posting on competing brands’ website all the time.

Although publishing guest posts on these websites is not entirely a bad idea, a little expansion to other complementary brands here and there can expand your reach to a warm audience.

Take for instance, as a T-Shirt brand; you may decide to publish your Guest blog Posts on a major Sneakers brand website.

In this case, the two brands are complementary. And publishing on such blogs can get their audience directly back to your website especially where your products appeals to them.

Guest Posting Boosts your Social Media Shares

One other major benefit of guest blogging is the drive in social media shares.

This is simply because when you guest post on other people’s websites, the post will also be shared to their social media platforms.

The more the post is liked, tweeted or re-shared, the more your brand gets exposed to a new audience who may not have come across your brand before the guest post.

Most times, it doesn’t just stop with this audience getting in touch with your brand, some of them will definitely get to follow your handle.

Improves your Brand Influence

Want to become a thought leader fast? Then quality and strategic Guest Blogging is one of your surest strategies.


Becoming an influential thought leader is usually a direct result of how people perceive you, based on the reliability of the thoughts you share, the things you do etc.

Now, Guest Blogging boosts your online influence even faster.

The more high quality stuff your write on other blogs, the more your audience’s perception of you improves. And more people get to take you more seriously.

Guest Posting Exposes your Brand to high quality Traffic

One of the major goals of every brand is to gain traffic but beyond that, you want to get access to high quality traffic that can convert. This is exactly what guest blogging does for your blog.

Before writing your guest posts, you want to carefully select the kind of blog you to publish your post. This selection is usually based on the needed target audience and other factors.

Combined with a high quality post, this selection process improves your chances of attracting a highly targeted audience to your blog. And with the right audience, your chances of getting conversions improve.

Boosts your Social Media Marketing

Even if you’re not interested in generating traffic to your blog, guest posting can have a huge impact on your social media followership.

It can serve as a digital marketing tool to expand your influence on the social media, reach new audiences and drive growth.

The important thing about using Guest Blogging as part of your social media marketing strategy is that you have to be very strategic both about the choice of blog you’re posting on and the way you’re promoting it across to your social media audience.


Now there are still many more benefits of guest posting including a surge in reputation, Increase in organic visits to your website, opportunity to connect with other bloggers and get access to better future opportunities.

These and many more are some of the reasons you need to consider Guest Blogging as part of your digital marketing strategy, if you’ve not been doing this.  

Remember, knowing about the important benefit of guest blogging, getting a decent Guest Posting Strategy in place will really help you as you journey towards becoming a more successful blogger.

This is where I’ll bring this tutorial to an end. Want to learn more about blogging? read this post...

You see, blogging doesn’t always have to be a long and lonely journey. That’s why i created the blogging mastery course for people like you. Join here, let’s learn and grow together.

Now, it’s over to you. What’s your biggest benefit of guest blogging as a marketing strategy? Let’s hear you!

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  1. Such a detailed guide to guest blogging. I don’t see guest blogging going off soon. Thank you, Victor, for sharing this one – We accept guest posts on our blog.

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