How to Promote your Post and Drive Traffic to your Blog

After putting in the work to create your blog posts, do you also find it difficult to promote your post and get readers back to your blog?

If your answer is yes to this question then you’re not alone.

A lot of content creators, bloggers, YouTubers and writers are like you.

After all our efforts in creating the blog posts, sometimes pushing out the content to readers, has always been a hard nut to crack.

A lot of creators have often times asked me the question, how can I really promote my posts and drive traffic to my blog?

In this tutorial, I’ll be answering your question. But before we proceed, I want to ask you, do you really think there’s need to promote the blog posts you create?

Is it Important to promote your posts?

Yes it is.

Not only is there a need to promote your blog post, according to research, promoting your content, blog post, YouTube video etc is one of the most important ways to get more viewers, boost your traffic and achieve whatever goal you had in mind before creating the content.

I understand a lot of bloggers are not too familiar with the idea about content promotion and for this reason, they’ll rather create the content, post it on their blogs and expect viewers to come.

But that’s not how it works. As someone that’s used approach before, I can assure you, this won’t get you anywhere.

Because just like you, a lot of other bloggers are also creating millions of content and posting it on their blogs. Each of these bloggers are also struggling to get as much readers as you are. So, the question is, who’s going to read all those blog posts?

To drive home the point, Sujan Patel, including a number of other content experts believe that, 80 percent of your content marketing effort should be spent on content promotion while 20 percent should be used for content creation.

For some reasons, other content creators have also confirmed that they invest more time in promoting their content than creating it.

And this effort has paid off in so many ways.

For a beginner, no matter how conversant you are with search engine optimization, promoting your content is one effort that will drive the easiest ROI for your blog.

That said, the following are some popular strategies a lot of bloggers like you have used in promoting their blog posts…

Most of these bloggers have earned a very remarkable ROI, including views, new clients, etc, using these strategies.

When done well, there are chances you’re going to evolve excellent results for your content by using the strategies below.

Use Social Media

Hands down, social media is the number one place to promote your blog posts. Especially for a new blogger.

With over 2 billion users, Facebook for instance has consistently given many bloggers a platform to promote their blog posts, build their brand and get over a number of readers back to their blogs.

Starting out, this was my go to platform for content promotion.

Beyond Facebook, a lot of other Social Media platforms are doing the same, giving bloggers the audience to promote their content.

To get started with promoting your blog posts on the social media, you have to consider the kind of content you create and the target audience you want to attract.

After this is done, you can then go ahead to scour the net for the social media that has this kind of audience.

As soon as you’ve completed this part, the next step for you is to study how the social media works and then get plugged in to share your content across the platform.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Avoid trying to promote your content across all social media platforms. That won’t help you.
  • Review as much social media platforms as possible then focus on the ones that will give you the biggest ROI.
  • Do not attempt to use the same strategy across all social media platforms. While Facebook and Instagram may be connected for instance, it doesn’t always mean that the strategies that’s worked for Facebook will definitely work for Instagram.
  • Understand that these platforms are different and that to get the best result you’ll come up with a strategy that will work for each platform based on their peculiarities and audience.
  • Don’t make your social media handle a dump site for your links. Beyond sharing links to your blog posts, promote other kind of content across your social media handles to drive engagement.
  • Also, don’t just share the blank link to your posts, add context. Make an effort to create a compelling copy description that will encourage a potential reader to click through and read the post..

Engage in Email Marketing

Email Marketing is another popular strategy you can use to promote your blog posts.

A lot of bloggers are already using this strategy.

With your email list, you can always send in your blog post to your subscribed readers either as a new post notification or in the body of weekly or bi weekly newsletters.

To get an effective results with email marketing, you need a large email list.

Where you don’t have a large email list, if you’re blogging on WordPress, you can set up your in built WordPress email mechanism to send in your posts as mails to your subscribed WordPress readers whenever you publish a new post.

Mistakes to avoid with email marketing

Do not spam your subscribed readers with useless posts. Be sure to provide adequate value to your users and you’ll get them to open your posts.

To learn more about how to use email marketing to promote your posts, read this guide by optinmonster.

Join Online Communities

Online communities are a great recipe for content promotion. Especially blog posts.

There are a handful of online communities out there that gives you the opportunity to promote your content and get viewers back to your website.

These includes platforms like Quora, Reddit, Growth Hackers etc.

With these platforms, you can engage with other users, create content and share there and then still get a handful of users over to your blog.

Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t get overly promotional on these platforms, you may get banned. Focus on creating value, engage with other people’s content and be very strategic about promoting your own blog posts.

Use Guest Posting

Guest Posting is the idea about creating and sharing content as guest posts on other blogs outside your own.

Guest posting has given a lot of bloggers the chance to share their content, promote their brand and get a number of readers back to their blogs. You can also key into this.

You can promote your blog posts by re-posting old posts on other websites as a guest post or writing a new post altogether and then including a link to your own blog post within the guest post.

If you intend to re-post your old post as a guest post, you need to bear it in mind that this may have SEO consequences so you want to do it appropriately.

Mistakes to Avoid

By all means, you want to avoid writing guest posts on blogs with audience that’s different from your target audience as this will not drive quality traffic to your blog.

I recently wrote a tutorial that covers everything you need to know about guest posting and how to use it to promote your blog. Read it here.

Your blog

There are many ways to promote your post on your blog.

One of the popular ways to do this is to update old posts, add more depth and push it up as a fresh post.

Beyond that, there’s also the strategy of promoting your blog post by the use of a resource page.

A resource page is a post or page that contains a lot of different posts on a particular subject matter with links to several posts that discusses topics related to the main theme.

Collaborate with other Bloggers

Another way to promote your post is collaborating with other bloggers.

This can be a very effective strategy for new bloggers.

With this kind of promotion strategy, all parties will be able to link to the post and also share it across to their social media audience.

What this does to you is that it helps you to get in a back link that might boost your SEO while also getting you a handful of new fans.

While collaborating to promote your post, always consider the goal of such collaborations before getting started.

After that you can then go ahead to collaborate only with the blogger that has the kind of audience you want to target.


Content creation is not complete without marketing and promoting the content to users.

As a blogger that’s starting out, you need to know that the odds are not exactly in your favor…

And one of your best bets to beat the system is not just to write great blog posts, but to also promote your blog posts to the right audience.

Also, you need to understand the three important steps you can use to drive great results in content promotion viz; create great content, find the right audience, promote your content.

It doesn’t matter the strategy you choose out of the ones listed above, using these three steps in any of your strategy is the magic that will drive the results for your blog post promotion effort.

There you have the 7 strategies you can use to promote your blog posts and drive in the traffic.

Do you need more strategies to build a more successful blog? Join our Blogging Mastery Course

So, now it’s over to you. Which of these strategies would you consider using as a strategy to promote your blog post?

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