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With more than 6 million articles struggling to get daily visibility, one thing that sets successful bloggers apart is that they have mastered how to promote a blog post in order to drive clicks and deliver on ROIs without fail.

As a result, these creators have consistently featured on the top 9 percent blogs whose content are constantly getting visibility, traffic and driving sales.

To get into this elite class of blogs, there are proven tips, strategies and practices anyone can engage to get their blog posts in front of the right audience.

As someone who was once struggling with content visibility but somehow found their way to advance into the top 9 percent blogs, I’ll let you in on the key secrets that worked for me and how you can use these to amplify your reach, in the following paragraphs…

Identify your Goal

Identifying one’s goal for every piece of content has been quite under rated by most creators but truth be told, you can’t promote a blog post effectively without understanding the purpose of creating the content.

For example, being able to identify your goal gives you an insight into where or how you can promote the posts.

For instance, there are certain kinds of posts that will deliver better results when you promote them on one specific social media platform over the other.

There are also those other content that will do better outside the social media completely. And you’ll get better results when you promote them on specific websites, forums or online groups.

Getting to identify your goal behind the particular promotional activity helps you to get started on the right footing thus increasing your chances of getting a better outcome.

Get on With Social Media

For most creators, social media is the number one platform to promote a blog post effectively.

The reason for this is not far fetched. Take for example, with more than 4 billion users globally, the social media provides a great place to intentionally capture qualified traffic, over to your website especially for new bloggers.

As a creator when I first started out, the social media was my number one source of traffic.

The best part is that these people were already familiar with my brand so using the right strategies, I was able to turn them into raving fans and very loyal readers.

How to promote a blog post
The social media is a great place to promote your blog posts | Image credits: Charlotte May via Pexels

Specifically, outside using your social media as a great tool for traffic, compared to new readers from the net, it’s always easy to have your social media followers take specific actions on your blog.

From taking actions like sharing your links, leaving comments on your posts, to subscribing to your newsletters etc., it’s easier to get them take on your CTAs or drive them through the sales funnels, compared to starting from scratch.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Avoid trying to promote your content across all social media platforms. That won’t help you. Choose the top social media platforms with the largest number of your target audience, based on your content goals.
  • Review as much social media platforms as possible then focus on the ones that will give you the biggest ROI.
  • Do not attempt to use the same strategy across all social media platforms. While Facebook and Instagram may be connected for instance, it doesn’t always mean that the strategies that’s worked for Facebook will definitely work for Instagram.
  • Understand that these platforms are different and that to get the best result you’ll come up with a strategy that will work for each platform based on their peculiarities and audience.
  • Don’t make your social media handle a dump site for your links. Beyond sharing links to your blog posts, share other kind of content across your social media handles to drive engagement, engage with your audience and above all, deliver valuable content, consistently.
  • Also, finally, don’t just share the blank link to your posts, add context. Make an effort to create a compelling copy description that will encourage a potential reader to click through and read the post..

Engage in Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the powerful strategies successful marketers have been using to promote a blog post effectively, over the years.

With your email list, you can always send in your blog post to your subscribed readers either as a new post notification or in the body of weekly or bi weekly newsletters.

To get an effective results with email marketing, you need a decent email list and a good mastery of how to create stunning email captions and texts.

Where you don’t have a large email list, if you’re blogging on WordPress, you can set up your in built WordPress email mechanism to send in your posts as mails to your subscribed WordPress readers whenever you publish a new post.

Mistakes to avoid with email marketing

Do not spam your subscribed readers with content that adds zero relevance to them. Be sure to provide adequate value to your users and you’ll get them to open your mails more often.

To learn more about how to use email marketing to promote your posts, read this guide by optinmonster.

Join Online Communities

Online communities are a great place for content promotion. Especially, for creators planning to promote a blog post effectively.

There are a handful of online communities out there that give you the opportunity to promote your content and get viewers back to your website.

These includes platforms like Quora, Reddit, Growth Hackers, Medium and many others.

With these platforms, you can engage with other users, create content, share there and then still get a handful of users over to your blog.

Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t get overly promotional on these platforms, you may get banned. Follow the rules. Focus on creating value, engage with other people’s content and be very strategic about promoting your own blog posts.

Leverage Guest Posting

Guest Posting is the idea about creating and sharing content as guest posts on other blogs outside your own.

Guest posting has given a lot of bloggers the chance to share their content, promote their brand and get a number of readers back to their blogs and even back links.

You can key into this to promote a blog post effectively by writing blog posts on other websites as a guest author and including links to your existing blog posts in the body of the content or as a by line.

Mistakes to Avoid

By all means, you want to avoid writing guest posts on blogs with audience that’s different from your target audience or blogs that will not drive a decent ROI for your effort.

I recently wrote a tutorial that covers benefits of guest posting and how to use guest posting to promote your blog. Read it here.

Repurpose Your Blog Posts

There are many ways to promote a blog post effectively, including repurposing, recreating or curating old posts.

By content re-purposing, you’re using the existing aspects, elements or sub themes of the content to amplify it for a better reach. This can be done for older posts with a decent traffic.

Recreating content on the other hand includes adding fresh facts, updates, recent statistics etc. to an existing post, to keep it updated and still relevant to your users.

Doing this can help in adding new visibility to the old content thus sending in more traffic.

Finally, you can also use a resource page as an option to curate content with similar themes or subject matter and share them on social media.

Engage in Collaborations

Engaging in collaborations with other bloggers, content creators and publishers can serve as a great avenue to promote a blog post effectively.

This can be a very effective strategy for new bloggers. For example, you can collaborate with other bloggers, thought leaders, get their opinion on a blog post and have it published.

How to promote a blog
Engaging in content collaborations can get better visibility | via Pexels

With this kind of promotion strategy, all parties will want to promote the post to their audience. They will also want to link to it from their websites and also share it across to their social media platforms.

What this does to you is that it helps you to get in a back link that might boost your SEO while also getting you brand visibility and a handful of new fans.

Mistakes to Avoid

While collaborating to promote your post, always consider the goal of such collaborations before getting started.

After that you can then go ahead to collaborate only with the blogger that has the kind of audience you want to target.


Content creation is not complete without marketing and content promotion to users.

As a blogger that’s starting out, you need to know that the odds are not exactly in your favor…

And one of your best bets to beat the system is not just to write great blog posts, but to also promote your blog posts across to the right audience.

Also, you need to understand the three important steps you can use to drive great results in content promotion viz; create great content, find the right audience, promote your content.

It doesn’t matter the strategy you choose out of the ones listed above, using these three steps in any of your strategy is the magic that will drive the results for your blog post promotion effort.

There you have the hidden blog promotion strategies that’s helped many creators. To learn even better strategies, get mentorship and build a more successful blog, join our Blogging Mastery Course

So, now it’s over to you. Which of these strategies would you consider using as a strategy to promote your blog post? Drop your comments below.

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