What is blogging? Who is a blogger?Imagine me lying here, fiddling with my computer at some minutes past 12am and then someone walks in the door: Vick you’re still up? What are you doing with your PC by this unholy hour? Then I’ll be like: I’m working bro! And then he asks, Work? Who works at 1am?

I’m a blogger. I’m writing. Oh! Are you serious? If he’s a Nigerian from the nineteenth century he’ll quickly add: Oh i see… You’re one of those guys doing copy and paste online. If he doesn’t know about copy and paste, he’ll just tell me young man go and find something to do with your life. Then the sermon to change careers for goodness sake will begin immediately. lol.

That’s the case here In Nigeria and many other developing countries. To most people, blogging cannot be an occupation, not to talk about it being an Honorable one for that matter. For instance, a blogger to some people is one sadist who enjoys doing ‘copy and paste’, writing gossip and cheap lies against others. Does that make sense at all?

Seriously it doesn’t. I’m grateful for people like Linda Ikeji, Stella Dimoko Korkus, Japheth Omojuwa and other serious bloggers out there doing bloggers proud in this corner of the world. I won’t even mention blog turned super businesses like Huffington Posts, Mashable among others. So hey, blogging could as well be someone’s full time job. simple.

So what is it about blogs, bloggers and blogging?

In 1997, Jorn Barger, editor of Robot Wisdom, first coined the term “web-log” while trying to describe the daily list of sites that he “logged in” during his web travels. A few years later Peter Merholz used the word in his sidebar but decided to split the word into two: we blog. It wasn’t long after that, when Evan Williams at Pyra Labs started using the term “blog” on its own both as a verb and a noun, before finally creating the term “blogging” in association with Pyra Labs’ Blogger product. That’s it for how the word blog came to be used. You’re following right?


So Who is a blogger?

A blogger is someone who writes online. A blogger manages a blog online. A blog is more like an online journal not too different from your everyday journal except that the contents of a weblog are arranged in a reverse chronological order. The newest article is first seen on the front end before others. Enough of the boring talk.

Okay. A blogger is a ‘writer’ who writes on a blog. Simple. A blogger means different things to different people actually.

Years ago, I hated being called a blogger so many times. It sounded somehow insulting really. Yes. Because most often here, you’ll have people say I’m a writer. And when you tell someone I’m a blogger they’ll give you that questioning look with one eyebrow raised. So being a writer sort of a lesser evil.

Now, unlike me you don’t have to hate what you do. Because whether you see yourself as a writer, blogger or whatever, that’s your honorable profession. You must make folks respect that.

Difference Between Writer And Blogger?

In order for you to fully understand who a blogger is, let’s try to differentiate a writer from a blogger.

Here we go…

Like I pointed out earlier, there is not a whole lot of difference between this two. Both of them write. There are just a few peculiarities about writers and bloggers I’d want you to know. This is it and this list is not exhaustive anyway.

1. A blogger writes mostly online, writer writes mostly offline. Their writing platform determines their language.

While a blogger focuses on including more keywords in his posts, so he can improve his online ranking and Search Engine Optimization, a writer pays more attention to his words so he can stimulate the readers’ interest.

This is why you will most likely find rich text and elaborate details in a novel say 50 Shades of Gray. Whereas a blog post you read from Jon Morrow or Darren Rowse will be more straight to the point. With even shorter sentences. Because there are over a gazillion things to read online actually. And people have less attention span online.

2. Formal VS. Informal Writing style. Mainstream media like newspapers will write their story in the second or third person. Professionally, It sounds okay that way.

On the other hand, a blogger will preferably write in the first person. So what you are reading could sound more conversational and much more like we’re friends already.

This informal style kind of spice up the story. Making it more personal, short and direct.

3. Typos, Spelling Checker etc. Here’s one of the biggest catch. Unlike your book, a blog allows instant correction of typos and errors. You can even use the automatic spelling checker to look up correct spellings when you’re not sure.

Writing on a book won’t allow that easily. Should you have typos on an already published work, you can only correct it in the next edition. As for spell checker, you will most likely use your dictionary.

4. Publisher and publishing. As a blogger, you don’t need publishers. Just type your stuff on your blog, click publish. Off it goes, published. On the other hand, besides self-publishing which also involves a publisher indirectly, a writer will always need the services of a publisher except he is okay writing just for himself.

That’s it my friend. I’m a writer and a blogger. In fact, you can call me Online Writer. If it’s difficult for you to choose between being a writer or blogger, just be both then. I’m a writer and a blogger. Who are you?

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